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    Pigs Are Broken In Seasons Mod?

      Article or Review Author: MarcDupont
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    ... So Seasons breaks pigs. Please prove me wrong and show me how to succeed at pigs in FS17 with seasons..


    I've been playing with the seasons mod for 6 months now. I've been through withered crops and wet crops and failed at a few save games along the way because I try to play the game as "simulator" as possible. Don't even try to make me say "realistic". I utterly LOVE this mod. The folks at Realismus are Geniuses for just thinking they could take the game and move it in this direction. I can't play without it. I've play 1200 hours on it now. And except for MP(which is another game altogether) I can't imagine a savegame that won't have it. But enough fanboy babble.I recently had a chance to test Orchard Farm for Dusty Dave Modding. And after the initial hours of running all the animals up to max with no mods I through in Seasons and thought I'd do a series for Youtube about raising pigs. Can it be done in Seasons Mod?So I sold everything on the map and bought 100 pigs. By the time I leased the truck to move them all I was already in trouble. Pig prices on startup were at their peak. 3600 a piece. That didn't bode well. but resale priced in early spring are 1700. So I pushed on. bought in 40,000 in corn, 20 000 wheat, 20 000 sunflower, two pallets of tatters, and 8 straw bales.  I bought a UTB and on 2 meter tools and began plowing, fertilizing and seading fields for corn, wheat, Canola, and beats(that's Farmer Kleins fault, the beats. he's trying to kill me) Anyways, 9 day seasons and 5x timescale engaged and I'm off. I kept the pigs at 100% for the duration. And now it's the first day of Summer and I think it's a FAIL.I now have 165 pigs and the reproduction rate has hit 0. Also the price is now 1188 and that means if I sell every pig now I get 196,020 back. Now I put 360,000 into pigs to start. And I'm 60 000 in debt now because of vet bills and seed and fert to get the farm moving. I haven't even got a harvestor yet to get the crop out of the field and it all needs one more fert stage. So what do I do. go further in debt and hope to sell High next spring. I'll have to feed them for 27 days and even then I have to wait for the 1700 price to come back and only get 280,500 back. So the pigs must die.  As a possible solution I'm going to max out my credit and get into the sausage and steak business for 250,000. Oh yeah, Doubling down. this could be horrible. but anyways. Hopefully the crop pays off or I'll have to go logging. Yeah. Desperate times.Anyways, I did some research and according to the pig industry web sites I should have gotten 30 weened pigs/mated pig/year. now those numbers make pigs a great business. Farmer Klein informs me that in vanilla mode the farm should produce 22 pigs per day from a seed stock of 115. I could make that work.So Seasons breaks pigs. Please prove me wrong and show me how to succeed at pigs in FS17 with seasons. This is not meant as a criticism of the mod but an exercise in making it work better. 

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