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    What to expect in FS19

      Article or Review Author: Wonko
      Game version: FS19 Star rating: 0

    The fact that rain will stop falling through the roof was the moment that decided I was buying it but heres a run down of what is confirmed so far, after searching around the inter-web so please be aware this list is not 100% & please add to this article anything that has been missed.



    Game Play

    The start up levels are interesting  One option is to start with everything, like vehicles, equipment, a farm and fields. Another option is to start with nothing but money. No farm, no equipment, no fields just money. I expect there will be other variations on this as well. It seams just about everything will be placable in our farms which sounds great I just hope the implementation is slick and logical. 

    Another cool feature is the buying of tracts of land with fields and forestry, you will not be able o chop down trees unless you own the parcel of land that the tree is on, and the placable farm stuff i.e silos etc will level the ground as they are placed almost anywhere on the map.


    Animals have been increased in FS19 to include horses that you can ride (why? there are plenty of other things that could have been included that make more sense to a modern farmer) and a dog that will be your constant companion (cool).

    This is what I like being a mainly animal focused farmer "Nav meshes (the animal areas) are buyable and placeable in different sizes. These sizes put a limit on how many animals you can have. Want more animals? Then you’ll have to pay up to expand the animal areas."

    The three fertiliser stages have been replaced with weeds that can be sprayed and removed with a weed puller or harrow, there will be soil compaction depending on the crops which will impact on the frequency of plowing, pesticide spraying and of coarse fertilising in its many forms.




    • 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
    • 2.5Ghz Intel or an equivalent AMD quad-core processor
    • Nvidia Geforce GTX 560, AMD Radeon HD 7770, or better (min 2GB Vram, DX11 support)
    • 4GB Ram
    • 20GB free hard drive space
    • Sound card
    • DVD-Rom drive (for retail versions)


    List of stuff we think is confirmed

    • Farming Simulator 19 will be released in November 2018 for PC (Windows / Mac), PlayStation and Xbox One.
    • No new graphics engine, but a completely / fundamentally revised GIANTS engine – changes:
      • procedural generation of sky and horizon (dynamic sky)
      • Clouds are 3D objects (voxels) and affect the lighting of the scenery (for example, you can predict the rain when looking into the sky as the clouds get darker) so cool
      • Sun acts as a “real” and non-static light source and provides dynamic light and shadow (sun and moon travel across the sky)
      • new volumetric fog
      • Also added directly to the engine:
        • Depth of Field
        • HDR (High Dynamic Range) Rendering
        • Bloom
        • SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) What is this???
        • Light scattering (light is broken by the sun)
        • PBR (Physically-Based Rendering)
        • Color grading / tone mapping
        • Global Illumination (SSAO)
        • Dynamic Eye Adaptation
    • Graphics will once again make a significant step towards photorealism. Nearby objects are sharp and the farther away they are, the less sharp they become and the colors fade – as in a photograph.
    • New species: horses, (dogs) meh
    • 2 completely new maps (American environment, European environment) and a revised map (Estancia Lapacho from the LS17)
    • 2 new types of fruit oat & cotton😯
    • new agricultural activities
    • brand new mechanics 
    • New (large / worldwide known) license partners John Deer and the loss of Case tractors 
    • Largest (licensed) vehicle fleet ever
    • AGCO / Fendt IDEAL combine harvester will be there
    • Helper will be improved again heard this before
    • new editor to customize the character
    • new / revised mission system to help new players getting started
    • Regular multiplayer games continue with a maximum of 16 players
    • Crops will bend when you drive over it. No more corn stalks inside your cabin… along with no rain in buildings & hopefully vehicles FS19 will be a whole lot more immersive to play 👍
    • Tractors are grouped into HP classes in the shop. useful
    • When buying stuff from the shop, you’ll get a 3D preview of the machinery. Any configuration changes will show as well, prior to buying. nice
    • Still, inside the Farming Simulator 19 shop, you can move and zoom the camera.
    • Vehicle seats have been given a suspension animation.
    • Throttles and brake pedals are now animated, at least in the 3rd. person view.
    • There will be hoses connecting various tools/tanks to each other, and to the vehicles. Hoses are attached automatically.
    • Equipment will eventually show signs of wear and tear.
    • The working speed and the strength of tractors will decrease over time.
    • Vehicle interior will have cab lighting and dashboard illumination.
    • AGCO’s IDEAL harvesters is confirmed for FS19.
    • There will be a Fendt IDEAL, and a Massey Ferguson IDEAL combine.
    • Samson (Danish manufacturer of slurry tanks and muck spreaders) is making its Farming Simulator debut.
    • Not all of the FS17 DLC vehicles and equipment will carry over to FS19.



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