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  • Sosnovka Not Extreme By Johnny Vee

    • 306
    An edit of Sosnovka Not 3.1 which was an edit of the default map, Sosnovka. The map is seasons ready. All animals around the main farm, many fields deleted and some fields enlarged, Two placeable area's and room for placeable's at the farm. Many Industries added to the map all with auto sell function, new chicken mod added so now you can breed or just leave as normal, note you will have to water and feed you chickens. New watering system added to give the animals a drink, New auto
  • Nagce Valley By chaseydog

    • 964
    Nagce Valley is a fictitious map with an American Mid-West theme, though admittedly it’s been 40 years or more since I was last in the Mid-West so I may not be spot on with all the details. I’ve wanted to create a map tailored to my play style since I first began playing the game and Nagce Valley is the realization of that dream.  When I first started laying out the map last December there where a few must haves, some maybe I’ll add these, and a couple of not on my map details that shaped the ma
  • complete ar/frame pack Complete AR/Frame Pack By GtX

    • 121
    AR/Frame Attachment: This is a complete range of equipment that is ideal for small to large farms. With a piece of equipment for all occasions, this is the only equipment you will need.Equipment includes: Tippers, liquid transport, bale/pallet transport, sprayers, spreaders, animal transport, TMR mixer, forestry transport and crane, optional UAL on selected equipment. AR Truck / Trailer: This is a transport pack for the frame equipment. With a tough Man truck at the head of the pack and the
  • fs17 Stappenbach17 By slowtide63

    • 28
    One of the most successful maps of FS15 returns to your screens! A versatile map, which now has newly designed forestry areas and almost completely new textures made by Eribus (ForgottenPlants). Like you know from the past, you can choose from different farms and Select your favorite farm. You and your friends can work together or everyone on his/her own when playing a multiplayer game. Next to the standard animals (cows, pigs and sheep) you will find pig and cow fattening Farms
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