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saitek x55 wiring help

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So I was using my Saitek x55 stick in Farm Sim and the stick was fine but none of the buttons on the stick worked.    Like an Idiot,  I took it apart.    I found a single white wire had come lose at the multipin   connection from the stick to the spring mount on the base.  No problem.   got out the solder Iron and fixed it.    BUT....   in doing so a blue wire has come loose.    And I can't for the life of me figure out which connection it came from .    So off I go to find a wiring diagram for the Saitek x 55 stick.   Yeah.   no luck.   Anybody out there have one of these things who might be able to help out.   I'm out of Ideas and feel like If I just randomly solder it onto a post that would be bad. 




BTW  the  build quality on this thing is shockingly bad.


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Found this post when I was looking for a repair to my stick.

In my case, the free black wire that connects to the rudder potentiometer broke free.  I used your pic here to confirm where it should go.  Thank you.

As for you, 16 months later, if you haven't already fixed it, the free blue wire is soldered to the point at the 1 o'clock position on the circled J.  The blue wire in the bundle is soldered to the point at the 10 o'clock position to the circled J on the board.  Just above the red wire at the 9 o'clock to the J.

on mine it looks like a rather large solder pool that perhaps both of these may be connected.

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