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    We are pleased to announce the formation of the PC-SG Mod Testing Team.

    The Team:-

    Lead tester: Flametamer

    Testers: BigMatt




    Johnny Vee


    Icelandic Farmer




    Our testing criteria:-

    All testing to be done in a clean "mod folder”Mod test time 1 week from submission.Map testing time 3 weeks from submission.These are our guide times and we will do our best to keep to these but we are volunteers and have real life commitments as well.

    1. Crops Seeding & harvesting (10 points)
    2. collisions & map boundaries, floating objects (Use fly mode or GE, View -> Show ->Physics and press the PLAY button.)(10 points)
    3. Sell triggers, Fuel, fertiliser, gates, doors (10 points)
    4. BGA & Silage pit (10 points)
    5. Forestry (10 points)
    6. train, traffic at junctions, pedestrians walking on air or through ground (10 points)
    7. PDA, Map Description, adequate images, log, check credits mod origin(10 points) some maps have some scenic images but nothing that shows farm yard, sell points etc
    8. Animals, All triggers, buy, sell(10 points)
    9. Textures, missing, vehicle reset(10 points)
    10. Missions (10 points)
    11. Factories, input & output, triggers(10 points)
    12. Multiplayer test for 30 mins (10 points)

    An over all score can then be calculated and a star rating can then be applied based on the total score reached.

    Map Star Rating1 Star total unplayable total below 12 points

    2 Star basically unplayable between 12-24 points

    3 Star just about playable but why would you? between 24-36 points

    4 Star playable work in progress between 36-48 points

    5 Star playable but needs improving between 48-60 points

    6 Star Good between 60-72 points

    7 star Very good below 72-84 points

    8 Star Exceedingly good below 84-96 points

    9 Star Nearly perfect below 96-108 points

    10 Star Perfection between 108-120 points


    1) Load mod into game. 5 points

    2) Buy mod & sell in game. 10 points

    3) Analyse log file. minus a point for every error 10 points

    4) textures 10 points

    5) Shop description & price (realistic) 10 points

    6) Statistics (horsepower, fill capacity, etc. (are adequate, realistically or subject to gameplay) and the values match the .xml file (ingame you can drive a vehicle or implement on a scale (goldcrest BGA) and see the weight, or you can open it in GE and sum all weights of the Main (1st level) components). 10 points

    7) All basic and auxiliary functions work properly. 10 points 

    a)Lights, working lights, braking lights, reverse lights andwarn lights with function. 5 points 

    b) Coronas are at the right location. 5 points

    c) Steering wheel is rotating (driver is animated). 5 points 

    d) Driver is invisible in first person. 5 points 

    e) Camera navigation indoor / outdoor is correct. 5 points

    f) fillVolume and animations are correct. 5 points 

    g) Physical conduct is normal. 5 points 

    h) Attach / detach is functional. 5 points

    8) Multiplayer test for 30 mins optional9) Polycount.

    • Attachments: 40.000 – 80.000 for beta mods
    • Trailers: 60.000 – 120.000 for beta mods
    • Tractors: 100.000 – 200.000 for beta mods
    • Harvesters: 150.000 – 300.000 for beta mods 5 points

    Mod Star Rating

    1 Star very bad below 20 points

    2 Star lots of errors between 20-40 points

    3 Star work in progress between 40-60 points

    4 Star good between 60-80 points

    5 Star Error free working as described between 80-100 points


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