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  1. Eustace Pharmer

    Copyright and Claims Rant

    Awe Mike that's really nice of you to say. Thank you. Your videos are awesome. You put a lot of effort and your creative stories are brill!
  2. Eustace Pharmer

    Copyright and Claims Rant

    Ok here's my one cent opinion on all this for what it's worth. How I would feel if someone used my videos? The answer is I would be very upset. I put a lot of hard work into my videos and they are monetized. I do not want people using my content without my permission. That is one reason why I watermark my videos. In general I feel there is a need for good old fashioned sensible judgement that our parents taught us. Now as far as mods go well I feel the same way. I will say I think the copyright thing is a futile effort to try to dissuade people from stealing your work. Even if you can copyright a farming sim mod you would have to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees to prosecute the offender. So the copyright thing goes in the rubbish. Now, I firmly believe in a common courtesy and respect towards a mod author. If we focus on the key issue which is whether or not it is ethical to take a mod that someone has possibly put hundreds of hours work into it , edit the mod and post it or share it out to subscribers or any other form of social arena is this the right thing to do? The answer is a big fat-NO. The only permissible and acceptable situation in my opinion one can make mods available for public download without permission is a multi-player situation. That doesn't mean you make a server with the purpose of distributing your edited/ pinched mods either. Giants indeed is the final holder of rights to all content produced for the game however they have made the GE editor and even map content available for the community to use and create their own works. This in my opinion commands common respect and ethical behavior. Give the mod author credit and ask permission to release your edited version of his or her mod! Can you realistically credit or get permission for every single model? No, however I feel the mod as a complete, entire work should be respected as a creation of the original author. You can make an effort to get permission for certain items and features that may stand out aside from the vanilla giants models. For example, Oxygen David made his own cloud movement script andhis own building models. If I was to use those in a map that i am making or editing I would ask his permission to use them. Do I have to by law-no but it is the right thing to do! If you are a modder and you don't mind people doing whatever they want with your work then that's how you feel about your work. That doesn't mean you apply that philosophy to other people's work. Based on my personal opinion I feel the bottom line is clear. If you want to edit a map or any other mod that you did not create and make available for download to the public then you need to use common sense and good moral/ ethical thinking which in my opinion means respect the mod authors wishes. Law or no law. Copyright or no Copyright it is simply wrong. I don't need a legal document to teach me right from wrong. My mother taught me,lol. Thank you for reading if you got this far. Sincerely, Eustace Pharmer.
  3. Eustace Pharmer

    Don't Feed The Trolls

    LOL, yes I did and what took you so long to react,lol.
  4. Eustace Pharmer

    Don't Feed The Trolls

    BP as always your wisdom is spot on. Trolls and malcontents are in every arena of life and YouTube is no different. I have had my share of nasty comments and yes even emails and PMs. You have to develope a thick skin when you put yourself out there in the public. That doesn't mean you need to tolerate certain things but for the most part you have to pick your battles. I find the Delete/Block button is a magical cure for Jerk-osis. So far the vast majority of subs to my channel have been fantastic. I know my channel is small and if by some chance I grow large I figure that will change. I will enjoy the sun while it's shinning,lol.
  5. Eustace Pharmer

    Telling A Story...

    I think you and Mereman create wonderful stories that one can picture in their heads as you go about telling it. This article hit all the nails on the head and you did a spectacular job of explaining it all BP. To add one other technique for coming up with a story to tell is something I do most always. I go into the game or map and just soak it in. Explore new areas or less visited spots and see if anything talks to you. Pay attention to feelings you may get. I even play music as I bumble around and many times a song will connect to an element in the game and wamo a story is born. For me, I find it much more fun and easy to not script what is going to be said or plan what is going to be done. Just get on the board and ride the wave :D (Disclaimer: Don't picture me on a surf board because that will lead to a vision of me with no shirt on and that will spoil your dinner)
  6. Eustace Pharmer

    Mountain Valley Farm Xtra Hard Seasons

    OGF, I think you have found a niche concept you can call your own. This is a great idea for those who want more challenge than the standard game has to offer.Very creative and well executed concept and best wishes to you and everyone who undertakes your challenges. I have done the starting with nothing route and did well getting on my feet but I will say I would most likely fail miserably under your guidelines,lol. That being said, I will be watching from my hiding hole under a large rock :D Best Regards, Yellow Belly Eustace
  7. Eustace Pharmer

    Maybe You Can Do Pigs With Seasons Mod...

    Marc, I think the information you present is very useful and I can certainly tell that you are very detail oriented and intelligent. It's research like yours that helps us get more out of this game. I only wish Giants put more thought into things instead of making a vanilla game and then relying on the modders to make it more of a true simulator. This game would be collecting dust on my shelf if it didn't have such a talented community of mod authors and people so willing to help such as yourself. Thank you.
  8. Eustace Pharmer

    Maybe You Can Do Pigs With Seasons Mod...

    Personally BP, I find Farming Sim's economy to be strange in General. Some things are outrageous and some other things stay the same price. I assume you play in Hard Mode? I wonder if the profit margin would be the same in Normal mode? I usually play in normal mode so I can test this out if you haven't. I have heard through the grape vine that this pig situation may be patched in the next update to Seasons. At any rate, thanks for the information. You saved me a lot of money and work on Dusty Cove. My friend Marc Dupont also did a very extensive look into pig profitability compared to the real world aspect and to be honest, it doesn't look like pigs are a good living in the real world either. Here's the link to his video about it
  9. Eustace Pharmer

    Westbridge Hills Map Issue ...

    LOL, I lifted it up just to illustrate there's a cover plate over original. However, my head has been known to spin around like an owl's at the site of chocolate cake
  10. Eustace Pharmer

    Westbridge Hills Map Issue ...

  11. Eustace Pharmer

    Westbridge Hills Map Issue ...

    Hi Churchhill, I have the Giants Converstion of Westbridge and I haven't had this problem as of yet but Here's something to check. The new version has a pavement texture tile layed over the original ground in the parking lot. Now this could be a fix for the issue you speak of or it could be the cause if you have this particular set up. If you do have this texture tile, try just moving it over out of the way and up in the air. go in game and test to see if that helps. If so just delete the tile. I am by no means a modder but I hope this will help.
  12. The greatest Gift you can receive is the ability to Give to others.
  13. Eustace Pharmer

    Modified Holmer Pack

    This is a fantastic mod pack and I am so happy you are preserving it here. I will surely send people over here to download it.
  14. Eustace Pharmer


    I am very disappointed to learn of this news but I don't blame Sam or anyone else who throws their hands up to modding for FS17. Personally, from where I stand it appears that Giants took measures to try to thin out the ranks of shady, less knowledgeable modders by making the coding more complex. This unfortunately has also back fired as it puts off the talented and very skilled mod authors too. There are very talented modders out there that don't have the time or money to pour into Farming Simulator especially when the end result is a brilliant peace of work that's given away for free to a crowd of unforgiving people who complain,lol. I also noticed a big downgrade in the quality of the mods Giants is allowing to be published on thier mod hub. Mods that are supposedly tested and yet are still full of errors. Giants doesn't listen to the modders or the players. They do as they see fit and that is not going to work when competition climbs in the ring (Cattle and Crops ) They had better get their act together and I don't mean by 2019 either. They need major patches and they better set out their best china for the Gold DLC because their monopoly on the Farm Game business is coming to an end. Woo, sit down Eustace and have a sip of water Peace Guys and Gals
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