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  1. Rockhound

    Loft Barn



    This 28 X 24 foot barn with a loft can store many things.
  2. Rockhound

    60 X 30 Storage Shed



    This is a storage shed you can use on your farm to store equipment or whatever you like. It has working lights and doors at either end and a large opening in front. I hope you enjoy it. *Rockhound*
  3. Rockhound

    Placeable Water Well



    This is a water well you can place anywhere on your farm for free water. You will need to pay $15,000 to place it on your map. I hope you enjoy it. *Rockhound*
  4. Rockhound

    Lighted Bunker Silo



    A Lighted Bunker Silo for making silage with a capacity of roughly 2 million liters.
  5. Rockhound

    Kenworth P.O.W. Tribute K100

    @FarmerKlein Thank you sir it was truly an Honor to put this machine together!
  6. Version


    This is the FS19 version of the K100 P.O.W. Tribute truck I did for FS17. I completely rebuilt it in Maya and GE in order to re organize the structure. I redid the interior and paint scheme and modeled new rear fenders as well. I spent over 4 weeks working on her and I hope you can enjoy driving her around your farm as much as I did creating her. Thank you all for your support! "PLEASE RESPECT THE MODDERS" Do NOT upload to any other site!!!!! *Rockhound* SPECIAL FEATURES: 1. 3 extra attacher joints for rear trailer, rear low trailer with PTO and front bumper trailer. 2. Dynamic hoses. 3. All the lights have been redone in LED or so to speak. 4. Rear backup camera. 5. Front hitch camera.
  7. Rockhound

    John Deere 124XL

    I will check it out, it is a conversion of the ingame one and I may have to enable it.
  8. Rockhound

    John Deere 124XL

    Then dont download it.
  9. Rockhound

    John Deere 124XL

    Version 1.0.1


    This is my modded version of the in-game forage wagon Schuitemaker Rapide 8400W in which I converted it to a John Deere and giving it the name 124XL. I have modifed the textures and the capacities and added a small fee for the Michelin Tire Set. Capacity Changes 74500L or 125000L I hope y'all enjoy! Happy Farming! *Rockhound*
  10. Rockhound

    GE8 and Textures

    I figured it out with the help of Maya. :-)
  11. Rockhound

    GE8 and Textures

    I am using the beta version 8.1.0
  12. Hello folks, I was wondering if anyone has an answer to this message I get in GE8 when trying to set the shader attributes for a decal or static light . The current Shape does not provide the following vertex attributes by the current material: TEXCOORD1 I am completely lost and need help please Thanks *Rockhound*
  13. Rockhound

    Serenity Valley II The Rise of Industry

    Not sure why you are having an issue other than a firewall of some sort.
  14. Rockhound

    Serenity Valley II The Rise of Industry

    Serenity Valley was my very first Map Creation and a lot of time went into it fixing a ton of bugs and errors as I was learning the process of map making. I decided to put the reset point at the store due to the fact I was unaware of people liking them to reset at the farm. I am glad you got it figured out and would really like to see your stream! Please let me know where I can see it! Thanks again Jim! *Rockhound*
  15. Rockhound

    Serenity Valley II The Rise of Industry

    Well I just loaded it up and reset one of the tractors in the starting equipment and it reset to the store like it was supposed to. I used an empty mods folder with nothing but the map, not sure whats happening on your end but if I cannot replicate your issue it is hard for me to fix, maybe you can send me your log.txt file or any part of it that may be showing an error. Sorry you are having problems with it Jim. *Rockhoud*
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