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    Maybe You Can Do Pigs With Seasons Mod...

    Maybe You Can Do Pigs With Seasons Mod...

    Run that herd through a meat plant mod and CACHING!!! Cash.
    By MarcDupont, Sunday at 5:59 AM | 1 Comments | 130 Views | Editorial
    1. Run that herd through a meat plant mod and CACHING!!! Cash.
      Alright, I messed it up. Now that's out of the way. You may be able to succeed at pigs but it can't be done in a single year. After a discussion with the gentlemen over at Realisimus (Best mod of the contest BTW, Congrats) Seems the economy for pigs fallows a very specific curve of price fluctuation. So buy low and sell high right? When is low and when is high? The thing is, you don't get to know that. The modders do. And there is a really nice graph that exists that gives you those answers for all the crop type. But I can't show you that. I asked. Sorry.So here is the long and the short of it. Every crop in the game has a multiplier month to month. So depending on the number of days per season you are playing everything I say is based on a year of farming that begins in lets say April. To buy pigs at their minimum price you need to buy them in Month 11 (February). At that point the multiplier for pigs is at .50. Which should (and I say should because I haven't got there yet) mean that at a price of 3000$ a pig your pigs at that point should cost you 1500$. Okay, So at that point you should have gone through a full year of grain production so you'll have the feed ready to go.100 pigs bought for that price is a 150,000$. Now you feed them through month 12 and then it's spring. Now your pigs start to reproduce. Keep them at 100% through the spring, Months 1, 2, 3. The price multiplier in those months is 1.25,1.10 and 1.15. Your 100 pigs should now be 162 pigs (note the error from the preceding article where I thought it was 165. My bad). In month 5 the multiplier is 1.45 times the base Sale price of 1200$. I'll do the math for you cause I'm a nice guy. That's 1740$ per pig. That's 281,880$ in value for your herd. Now you had to grow a whole lot of crop to do that but it can be done. The real money is in year 3.With a 1.62 multiplier on your reproduction, you will have 262 pigs at the end of month 5 in year 3. Now you have a herd valued at 455,880$. Run that herd through a meat plant mod and CACHING!!! Cash (please be aware that the meat mod has updated and Farmer Klein informs me that prices are adjusted).So can you make a go of pigs? I really don't know. I think it depends how cheap you can produce the feed. If you waste money on big gear probably not. But, if you are conservative about expenditures and manage to feed them for 130,880$ including harvest and upkeep, yeah it can be done. But it's tough. And that's why I play Hard mode.Ok. Sorry for that whole convoluted mathematical thing but I obsess about these things, and if it leads to some understanding of just how great this mod is, I like to share it.
      By MarcDupont, Sunday at 5:59 AM | 1 Comments | 130 Views | Editorial


    Edited by Wonko

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    User Feedback

    I think that pigs must be avoided in seasons with their setup. At least, I have decided to sell all pigs. The main problem came from the upkeep value we have to pay for the pigs that is very high. 30 € per day per pig makes it totally unprofitable the pigs exploitation. 


    Lets say say we have 100 pigs with upkeep of 30 per day in a six days season length makes makes 18.000 euros, the production of this 100 pigs in six days will be 15 approx and a sale price of 600 € makes 9000 euros income, then 9000 euros loss.



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    Personally BP, I find Farming Sim's economy to be strange in General. Some things are outrageous and some other things stay the same price. I assume you play in Hard Mode? I wonder if the profit margin would be the same in Normal mode? I usually play in normal mode so I can test this out if you haven't. I have heard through the grape vine that this pig situation may be patched in the next update to Seasons. At any rate, thanks for the information. You saved me a lot of money and work on Dusty Cove. My friend Marc Dupont also did a very extensive look into pig profitability compared to the real world aspect and to be honest, it doesn't look like pigs are a good living in the real world either. Here's the link to his video about it


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    Marc, I think the information you present is very useful and I can certainly tell that you are very detail oriented and intelligent. It's research like yours that helps us get more out of this game. I only wish Giants put more thought into things instead of making a vanilla game and then relying on the modders to make it more of a true simulator. This game would be collecting dust on my shelf if it didn't have such a talented community of mod authors and people so willing to help such as yourself. Thank you.

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