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    (3 reviews)

    Maverick Farms v2 Seasons

      Article or Review Author: scoops
      Star rating: 0

     Hi everyone ! This is my first, typed review of a map.

    Yesterday, I had the great opportunity , to play MavericksfarmV@ Seasons map, by JohnDH. What an absolute joy to play ! I am usually , not a fan of 4X maps, this one was different.

    The story, in my mind, I took and old prison, and converted it and surrounding land..into a modern day farm. All normal fruits are in the map. The one thing that sets it apart..IMHO, is the industry. He has taken most of the placeable mods that seem to be popular these days, and put them into the map. The advantage to this , is the extended conveyors to accept more pallets to spawn, without that, the whole business would shut down when the pallet was full.

    When I started playing Farm Sim....2013   I think we all searched for the perfect map. I finally found one with one that had 2 farms and industry. 2015 came along...and the Stevie generation came along and my map of choice was LakesideUSA. the placeable were there, but they were buggy as all get-out. They have gotten better.

    Getting back to the map....you enter, staring at what is on hand, in 3 different silos. As you move around, you see you are in the high walls of an old prison, with a new house and modern buildings. Outside, you have the wide open spaces of a 4X map with fields and businesses around you. 

    To the NW, you have your animals. Pigs, chickens, cows and sheep are all concentrated within a walled area. There is also the mandatory forage machines for cows and pigs, a silage maker, compost seeds and fertilizer machines are there too. There is a silo there too....they are not connected. 

    The industrial area, is in the southern end of the map.


     Some of them include:
    Brewery, bakery, winery (2 vinyards ), sawmill, pallet makers (boards and empty ) Bio-diesel, fertilizer, milk, cheese, homogenized milk, BGA, soy milk ,  the greenhouse is massive (8 products ),I probably forgot something....my bad.. I did add the fish and caviar plant...missing is the meat butcher...3 trains also

    The map is not free of mistakes.....however it was error free running. Lag free on my computer , is a miracle..and this was. The edges of the map were 2 dimensional, when you are at or near the edge. I am not usually looking up, so not a deal breaker for me. There were a few floating objects..most in the SW part of the map....but again...I am a magician...I make things float all the time. 

     Again, I am not a fan of 4X maps, but Mavericks Farms, does satisfy my desire to farm, and be an industrial leader in my area . There are smaller maps with the industries embedded into it...but none come close to this map. I have to decide...don't I?

    font changed...sorry...I must be too long winded

    BTW Seasons ready with plenty of protected vehicle storage around the map



    20170729231017_1 - Copy.jpg

    20170729231306_1 - Copy.jpg

    20170729231432_1 - Copy.jpg

    20170729231526_1 - Copy.jpg

    20170729231601_1 - Copy.jpg

    20170729231754_1 - Copy.jpg

    20170729231836_1 - Copy.jpg

    20170729231927_1 - Copy.jpg





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       4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

    Great job on review.

    I downloaded V3 so didn't see the prison walls.  I really liked that Multi Greenhouse, much easier to keep that running rather than several individual greenhouses.

    Only issue I've found is courseplay detects vehicle collisions with gates at main farm.  I haven't updated courseplay in the last couple months so will try that again tonight with the latest version.

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       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    Great first review @Scoops 

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    Great Job on the review. I like that you highlighted all the best parts of the map. I'm a big course player so I will defiantly download this map


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