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  1. So Neil was not at the shop when I purchased the cultivator, I asked Liam three different times if he was sure this would go with the Massy 7700 I was getting, it looked a little big. Liam said aye three times, but I was a little unsure still, but I had work to do and so I did not want to wait till the next day when I could talk to Neil. Sure Neil was only the mechanic there but so far he has steered me right and I was willing to take his advice, now I have taken this cultivator up to the island to start my work at the main farm. I get all the way there and get into the cow field and drop the cultivator and my tractor will hardly pull it, so I run it a bit and realize that Liam steered me wrong and I have to go clear back to the shop and waste more time with that fool.

    I decide to stop by the house and ask Thomas’ advice and he lets me know that Liam is a bit of a langer and only works there since it is his uncles shop, I got the Kuhn DC 401 due to how it was compact and would fit well around the town and on the ferry, I cant go to long or some turns and the ferry are out of the question. Thomas said that there are too many rocks in the ground to go with a single row like that, and that a tiller style will catch and that a disc style will roll over the rocks and can be filed and hammered into shape later. Thomas called up Neil and asked if he could help even if it was his day off, Neil said he has one he had just made up himself he would sell for cheap, he said just to head over to his place not far from the shop and pick it up and I could bring him cash later for it. So even though I am no dwarf nor do I work in a mine the high ho song was in my head as I drove off, sitting there on a few old pallets was my new cultivator Neil even showed me how to stick the pallets in the frame so I could sit it down anytime I wanted.


    Back to the farm with my set up I go hoping to make up lost ground and with it being a slight rain I hope to not get stuck. I got a good change in the weather a little after noon and made good progress on the cultivation of the main farm, with the cow pasture done and ready to seed in grass I went on to the open area to the east of the farm yard just south of the green houses, Rathlin Island town committee also gave me the whole run of the main farm but not the farm house as that was still property of a family who had items in there of old family heritage. That means that those green houses are mine to use as I would like. Now to find some manure and a water tank for a good price, I will contact the animal shop and see if they have any manure I can buy off of them. On a completley different note I bought a pony with a cart to help bring stuff around the farm, when I used the internet to face time my family my children were super excited that we owned a pony, my oldest kept screaming that she wanted a pony all her life, she is four!!! Planting of grass will come soon, as well have the need to get that wood chipper back and find some wood to chip up for money.unknown.png

  2. Wonko
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    I passed all my City & Guilds exams to work as a electricianAgnesOverjoyed

    I do have to go back for another week to take my City & Guilds 2391-52 level 3 Inspecting & testing MinionAmazed

  3. Today I went shopping for some new equipment, since I had none to work with.  I was able to pick up a couple of nice John Deere tractors, and I leased out a plow and manure spreader.  Since it will be about 8 days before I can plant anything, I suppose I should take the time to prepare the fields properly.  I also recorded my first vlog of this journey into agriculture!  Hopefully folks visit my youtube channel to view it, and I hope they like it!  I was able to meet Frank, the shop manager.  I also was able to meet some nice folks who I could hire to help with the plowing.  I am thinking that after we are done with the plowing I may actually trade in my tractors for some smaller ones.  Or at least sell one of them.  Considering the size of the farm and fields I don't need huge tractors.  I am sensing it is important to find that balance between overpowered and underpowered!  For instance, I tried to pull a low loader with a tractor and manure spreader loaded on it with only a pick up truck.  Well, it didn't go anywhere!  I ended up just returning the low loader and driving the tractors around.  Perhaps someday I will get a pick up which possess enough power to pull a fully loaded low loader.  But this is not that day!  I am excited to get up into the mountain and do some logging, they say it is good wood up there.  However, I also want to make sure I am preparing my fields well for planting.  Tomorrow is another day, for now I'll hit the hay!

  4. Day 3 of Late Autumn

    I did not feel like getting out of bed this morning. It rained most of the night and was still dripping when I forced myself outside. My wife was just returning from a run, she was cheery, I was not… but I managed not to take it out on her. By the time I returned, I was feeling much better, a light breakfast made everything good again. We talked about the day, we wanted to bring in the corn. I hoped it would dry before we lost light. The phone rang.

    I quickly replayed last night's events, yep… I remember buying a tractor. I wasn’t exactly talked into it, but the timeline was moved up considerably. Realizing that we would be waiting most of the day for the crop to dry I coaxed my wife outside to get things set up. We got the corn header attached and moved to the field and it was about time for an early lunch. I was getting a little bit excited. I managed to get her in the truck without too much manipulation and we headed to the shop.

    valtra67.thumb.jpg.9e74841e343f1331706a3229025f375b.jpgWhen we pulled into the lot, two things surprised me. First of all my wife seemed to somehow know that the shiny new tractor sitting in the lot was for her and showed jubilation that rivaled a championship win. Secondly, it was pink. I tried to focus on my wife’s joy, but it was pink. I’m going to have to be prepared for the friendly gibes.

    We accepted delivery and got some pointers, she seemed to know how everything worked… I really thought the reverse driving was an interesting feature. I was assured that it would mow my fancy grass like a dream. I was impressed with its 400 horsepower, this was going to pull the plow quite nicely. I’ll have to talk to Mr. Harris soon so we can try that out. When we arrived back home she pulled right up to the tipper and we hooked it up and headed out to the field. We managed to harvest all the corn in the afternoon, just three tippers worth, but it will be plenty for the pigs. I did notice that she took a very long time to unload, I have a feeling that she did a little extra driving in her new pink tractor.

  5. I greatly enjoy playing the game with 24 day seasons.  As I believe I have mentioned before, I like simulation games, but strategy games are more of a passion for me.  By playing with 24 day seasons the game truly becomes a combination of both gaming styles.  I doubt that every map would work well with this long of a season but at least the season length can be tailored to the map that is being used.  The map has to have enough to do to keep you busy.  Playing at 15x speed was also helpful.  That really kept me focused on what had to be done now and what could wait and be filler work during the slow times.

    Choose your map wisely.  There has to be enough to do.  It could be a lot of fields, or at least some very large fields, if standard farming is your thing.  There should also be at least one or two types of animals available on the map.  The animals not only need regular care but they give purpose to your farming and add a level of strategy.  At least a few industry mods can really help with time management and some income during some long stretches that could be without it in straight farming.  If industries are your thing, go for it.  If you like to do a little logging  that could be helpful as well for both spot cash and as a time filler.  The cool thing is that you can choose what you like to do.

    You have to be in it for the long haul.  If a map bores you quickly and you like to jump to the next cool map (and there are a lot of cool maps) then you probably should not try 24 days seasons.  But you likely don't need me to tell you that.  When I play strategy games I always opt for the campaign option if the game has one and that is what this feels like.  I have spent months of my gaming time on this map and frankly I am too invested with some of the things I am in the middle of that I will likely spend another month or two in Nagce Valley.  I have built up a sizable flock of sheep and I am not about to jump ship just when they are about to start earning their keep.  I also have a 43ha field planted with five different crops I have never used before and I want to see how they work out.

    Nagce Valley was a nice change of pace for me.  The last couple of maps I had been playing on were European maps that were very tight with a lot of narrow lanes with stone walls or hedges seemingly everywhere.  I was using a lot of paint for fender touch ups.  I liked those maps but this one came along at the right time for me.  The farm is spacious and the roads are wide open and it was nice to not be running into things all of the time when I was in a hurry.  The fields on this map are huge.  I needed many days to do the field work on this map and if you are into straight farming then this is a great map.

    I was using the midwest geo for seasons and frankly the weather was great.  In both springs seasons I was planting  by day three and I had stretches of sunshine during the harvest seasons of six or seven straight days.  The winter was not too bad either.  The only time I had trouble was in summer with frequent pop-up thunderstorms with short notice.  I would love to see a mod that takes rainfall into account when determining crop yields and having the possibility of irrigation in the game.

    Finally, I would like to thank @chaseydog for putting this map out there for use and thank you to everyone whose has taken the time to read about this adventure.  I hope you have a great day.

  6. Found this video informative on old time forage machine , tractors and trailers. The chopping machines looked really inefficient ...while the forage leveler looked awesome..lol




  7. Jack
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    Rats.  Figuratively and literally.

    Went to do a routine inspection of my grain storage pit and withdrew in horror.  Evidently the sump pump long gave up the ghost, and there was about 3 feet of black, smelly water down there.  The grain dregs provided a lovely spawning place for the ugliest mold you've ever seen, and the local rats found it absolutely yummy.  I counted 5 of the little buggers in my brief inspection.  Basically, the entire grain collection system is a total loss.  i didn't even attempt to go upstairs to inspect the storage partitions.  Why bother.

    So, may I introduce to you, in the photo below, my 30,000 Euro expenditure for a lovely grain bin.  It holds 200K, but of only one type of grain. Kind of wished I inspected it before I went out and planted three different crops.  I'm going to either have to sell them as I harvest or dump them in the shed and manually load them out before winter hits.  Might be cheaper to purchase two more bins instead of grabbing a telehandler...at least I can share the augers between them. Speaking of....the augers are a special order, and the nice chap at the shop (Paddy...at least his name isn't Ian) promised to have them to me before harvest time.  Farming i$ lot$ of laugh$.

    At least I'm all seeded up.  Germination has occurred in two of the fields, so I must be doing something right.  Just hit everything with round 2 of fertilization.  Going to hit the store and grab a weeder soon.  I'm up to 15 sheep--a neighbor had a small population explosion and sold me a few really cheap.  Not baaaaaad.  Sorry.

    I now have plenty of hay, so the first field that I cut I turned over with the plow and will be planting grass.  Ian the father tells me that I might get a really good cut out of it this autumn, as the existing hay fields are kind of worn out.  I think I'm going to try to shoot for 50 sheep by summertime, as I will have more than enough hay to get them through the winter.  Cows will happen next year if I manage to get good prices for harvest.  Then again, I can always borrow from the bank--Ian says I'm not a real farmer until I have debt service up to my chin.


  8. We have been ploughing more fields and transporting manure form a farmer down the road ready to fertilise the fields, we do not have much muck atm so I did a deal with farmer Oppsadaisy where we get all the muck we want in exchange for ploughing some of his fileds that he has not got to yet.

    The second delivery of lambs arrived yesterday which means that the boss is very happy and busy looking after them as well as trying to source some ladies to knitt the next seasons wool into her designer knittware.

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    Day Two


                          On the second day spring, I awoke to a torrential down pour again.  The temperature was a chilly 41*F which really makes you think twice about rolling out of bed.  There were commitments  made to people who look to you for many different things.  I rolled out of bed and headed for the kitchen for some coffee and maybe a little breakfast.  I was reading the morning paper when I heard a truck approaching the farm house.

                         I set the paper down, rose and walked to front porch.  As I reached the front steps of the porch a elderly gentleman had his hand stuck and stating his name was John Darling and he owned the farm towards the north. Introductions complete,  I offered him some coffee.  Declining,  Mr Darling went straight to point.  I am getting old he said. I have no family  to leave this little  bit land I have.  Not wanting to see the land sold for a mall or a beauty shop, he had a deal for me.  

                        Hearing Mr. Darling offer I was a bit confused as to why he came to see me. Stating he once had the same offer when he  was  a young farmer.  The deal was I would take possession of the farm land with two heads of cattle(one heifer,one bull), some buildings and a milking area.  The cost of this would be that I maintain the land and buildings till the time of my retirement, at that time I will find a local young farmer beginning his journey into farming.  I shook the mans hand, promising to pay forward the offer at the end of my time.

                        The rain not letting up, the wind still howling I knew work still had to be done.  Saying good bye to Mr. Darling as he headed for his truck I was heading for mine.  Backing out of the driveway and heading towards the garage, I noticed that the fields are holding up to all this rain.  Pulling up to were the New Holland 8340 is stored, parked the truck under the shed.  For being an older tractor the 8340 fired up on the first  turn of turn of the key.

                       Pulling out of the shed i noticed how horrendous the yard was becoming.  The rain, if doesn't stop soon I will have to  some major work when the yard does dry out.  I backed the tractor and attached a flat bed to haul some bales.  Normally I would not haul let alone drive in this type of weather  but I now have cattle to care for. Arriving at the store  the weather was easing up and I was able to load the bales, cover them and head to the new dairy farm.  By the time I arrived the sun was out,  the ground will still need a few days to dry out.  Unloading the bales into the feed troughs and adding water the two cows should be good for a couple of days.

                   Coming up on lunch I decided to head for house for some food.  After finishing my meal I climb into my truck and heading to field 17.  When I arrived I found the T-6 New Holland with the fertilizer sprayer. Climb in and headed to the field.  Spent a few minutes setting up the GPS, which was much easier this time around.  Sitting back in the drivers seat I really was able to take in the beauty of the land.  Finished with fertilizing I head to the wash station to clean up and put the T-6 away.  Looking at my watch I realized I have a lot of time left in the day. Time to seed I said to myself.

                 Finding the T-7 where I left it, I unhooked the plow and fired her up.Revving the engine I pulled forward the mud and headed to find the seeder. Backed in and attached , full of seeds I headed to the field to finishing the planting some wheat.  For some reason the GPS went awry, fixing this problem took longer than expected. Watched the sunset then the moon-rise from the cab of T-7.  Another long day is finished as I headed off the field to wash station. Cleaned up the tractor and put her away for the night, I was ready for supper and then off to bed.

                 I now have wheat planted, 2 cows and a plan on what to do next.  Field 18 of course, will be planted with some more wheat.  I am keeping a close eye on the cattle prices, will buy a hundred head when the price is right.  

    Well I am off to bed.

    Another boring video with no commentary, maybe one day I will be brave and talk.  LOL





  9. "Don't Feed The Trolls". Everyone has heard that phrase before. It is a undeniable if unpleasant fact that there are people who delight in disliking,trolling and occasionally bullying YouTube creators and Live streamers. This is what I like to call "the dark side of YouTube" It is a topic that no one who does "how to" videos about YouTube ever talks about. Having been a content creator for nearly four years, I thought I would give you some of my thoughts on this subject.


    I never understood this particular "ranking" mechanic on YouTube, If you don't like a video don't watch it. It makes not one bit of difference to me if you don't like my videos, I make them firstly for me and for fun. Having said that, I do try to make videos people enjoy, but that is not my sole motivation. Instead of a dislike, I would rather see a comment telling me what it is you disliked. I may listen I may not, but at least you made the effort to tell me what you didn't like. At the end of the day a "like" and a "dislike" are the same thing, a view on the video. Thanks for watching.


    It is an unpleasant fact of life on the internet that there are people who derive pleasure from insulting and degrading your work. They have their own motivations, whether it be ignorance, jealousy, insecurity or just the fact that they think they are funny, clever and cool. I don't do well with trolls. I violate the "don't feed the trolls" suggestion constantly and nothing will send me off on a venom filled foul mouthed rant quicker than some idiot who thinks it's cool to tear down my work. I don't mind being called an idiot, in fact most of my channel is built around that very premise, but it is entirely a different matter to be vulgar and insulting. Woe to those who insult my friends as that is something I will NEVER stand for. Go get a life and find something else that makes you feel cool might I suggest jumping off a tall building while saying to your friends, "Hey look at me".... ;)


    This is the serious one. Threats, Racism, Sexism, ethnic slurs. Unfortunately , these are all a part of internet life. Thankfully YouTube and Twitch have very good filters that catch most of this stuff and I don't have to deal with it. There should be no tolerance for that sort of ignorance. None.

    Well BP you make YouTube sound SO Fun....

    It isn't all bad. It isn't even half bad. The great and supportive people FAR outweigh the ignorant on YouTube. People who will give you constructive feedback and suggestions on improvements because they believe that you are worth watching and they want to help you get better are far more common than the idiots. YouTube and Twitch are great platforms to share your passion about games and gaming with people who share that passion and a great place to make new friends and build a community. I only mention the bad stuff to make you aware that it is out there and that if you are overly sensitive content creation may not be for you. It's not fun to work hard on something, give it your best and than see it torn down by idiots. This is something that occasionally you will have to deal with. Don't let it get to you, don't let it dissuade you from sharing your passions. The good still outweighs the bad and remember "Don't Feed The Trolls" :)

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