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That Langer at the shop!!!



So Neil was not at the shop when I purchased the cultivator, I asked Liam three different times if he was sure this would go with the Massy 7700 I was getting, it looked a little big. Liam said aye three times, but I was a little unsure still, but I had work to do and so I did not want to wait till the next day when I could talk to Neil. Sure Neil was only the mechanic there but so far he has steered me right and I was willing to take his advice, now I have taken this cultivator up to the island to start my work at the main farm. I get all the way there and get into the cow field and drop the cultivator and my tractor will hardly pull it, so I run it a bit and realize that Liam steered me wrong and I have to go clear back to the shop and waste more time with that fool.

I decide to stop by the house and ask Thomas’ advice and he lets me know that Liam is a bit of a langer and only works there since it is his uncles shop, I got the Kuhn DC 401 due to how it was compact and would fit well around the town and on the ferry, I cant go to long or some turns and the ferry are out of the question. Thomas said that there are too many rocks in the ground to go with a single row like that, and that a tiller style will catch and that a disc style will roll over the rocks and can be filed and hammered into shape later. Thomas called up Neil and asked if he could help even if it was his day off, Neil said he has one he had just made up himself he would sell for cheap, he said just to head over to his place not far from the shop and pick it up and I could bring him cash later for it. So even though I am no dwarf nor do I work in a mine the high ho song was in my head as I drove off, sitting there on a few old pallets was my new cultivator Neil even showed me how to stick the pallets in the frame so I could sit it down anytime I wanted.


Back to the farm with my set up I go hoping to make up lost ground and with it being a slight rain I hope to not get stuck. I got a good change in the weather a little after noon and made good progress on the cultivation of the main farm, with the cow pasture done and ready to seed in grass I went on to the open area to the east of the farm yard just south of the green houses, Rathlin Island town committee also gave me the whole run of the main farm but not the farm house as that was still property of a family who had items in there of old family heritage. That means that those green houses are mine to use as I would like. Now to find some manure and a water tank for a good price, I will contact the animal shop and see if they have any manure I can buy off of them. On a completley different note I bought a pony with a cart to help bring stuff around the farm, when I used the internet to face time my family my children were super excited that we owned a pony, my oldest kept screaming that she wanted a pony all her life, she is four!!! Planting of grass will come soon, as well have the need to get that wood chipper back and find some wood to chip up for money.unknown.png

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My game for some reason has started lagging on me and will only give me 6 fps. As soon as I can figure it out I will keep writing.

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