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1,500.00 USD

EXPIRED Help Johnny Vee out

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Hello you all I am doing this because my good friend Johhny Vee  is in a need of new PC.

He is not the man to ask people for help. So now I am doing it for him, I am asking you to help me to help him.

The PC and our live stream is kind of his life and if he lose that he don`t have much to do as a hobby. He has a health problem that don`t give him the possibility to do what we all take for granted.

So I am not asking you to give all you ownJawdrop)  just a dollar or what ever you can spare.

BRG Ice 


Current Donation Goals

  • Raised 395.00 USD of 1,500.00 USD target
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Paypal wont let me pay in to my own accountJawdrop) but I will put in $100 MinionBig

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I know how important it is to have a decent working PC when you're not as mobile as most so anything I can do to help I will.

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I've put some cash in and as I'm going to be recording the spring update on Sosnovka NOT today or tomorrow for Saturday I'll give the appeal plenty of mentions, in fact I have an idea..............


Quick edit I can't resist the cat picture you are usingLaugh)

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