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  2. Does this mod work?

    Me too @BigJohnnyD, me too lol.
  3. Lord of the Grass Videos

    So we are issuing a challenge to all and sundry to take on Lord of the Grass - Duckzorly in a bale challenge.....CanadianRob has thrown in the towel before getting to 5000, seems he figures I have him beat.... So spread the word for me, tell all and sundry out there on YouTube that I am taking it to them all! The next video with update will be out in the next 24hrs or so, and I will have around 7000 bales on trailers ready to go with a test pull...
  4. Yesterday
  5. I need mod convert help

    hi everyone, I could use some mod convert help the 2 brantner seeds2 auger wagons from fs15 one was in a mod pack with seeders that were seedmaster ready and the other one was by itself the smaller one only held seeds2 from the seedmaster2k15 and 16 capacity was 8500 the other one held 15500 or 15000 but im not quite sure on which one it held other fruits or crops besides seed2. plus it could be used as a small graincart for small farms or for smaller harvesters that cant dump into the standard auger wagons
  6. Doughboy2913 Youtube Channel

    going live in 20 min... 6:30PM Eastern Time... hope to see you there
  7. Day 41: Grass Plan

    Oh how did we live without the field service trailer...
  8. Day 41: Grass Plan

    Day 1 of Late Summer I couldn’t make myself sleep late so I decided to make breakfast for my bride and serve her in bed, she appreciated it and it was nice to sit around and talk for a bit in the morning. I went the extra step and cleaned up once I was done. Off to the shop for coffee and chit-chat. When I arrived, I was pleased to see that my field service trailer has arrived… it’s green and yellow. While I was looking at it the boy appeared from, somewhere. He told me we would be using this today that I should meet him at the grass equipment shed when I was finished with my coffee. He said a lot more words, but I think that’s what he meant. When I arrived with the trailer in tow, the boy had all the equipment pulled out ready for service. I noticed that he put the wheel weights back on the Massey, I’m sure he didn’t see me trying to drive that monster around after he left last night. I’m glad he made the switch, I told him as much but remarked that it fit through the gates much better. He had a grin on his face that told me he knew better than that. We spent the late morning and early afternoon prepping the equipment and he informed me of the plan. He told me after the rain stopped to feed the animals and get some rest, that we would be mowing in the very early morning. Um, it didn’t look like rain to me. He told me we would make silage bales early in the day and once the sun dried out the rest of the grass we would turn it, let dry and then bail it. He hoped to get everything put up by evening, but it was going to be a nice sunny couple of days so he wasn’t too worried. It started to rain. The rain wasn’t too bad and I did as he said, the girls and the pigs were well fed and watered when I headed home for some rest.
  9. Does this mod work?

    Thanks for the tips @Dirtracer00 I never thought about using my phone to try it. It just goes to show that not even the smartest, wealthiest, most handsome of people can get everything right. Except I'm none of those, I'm as thick as pigs sh.t, have no money and have a face that resembles a bulldog sucking a wasp! John.
  10. PCSG intro video

    Excellent job on the intro Jim.
  11. Does this mod work?

    It works as I tried it and can run it on my android phone. I think it cost $1.99 to open up a slot to be able to run one of a couple of FS17 free downloads that are available. With that being said, I didn't find it really more convenient to use over my keyboard but it is a novel idea. Some may find it useful, especially if you were to use it with a tablet on a stand but my wife and grandson usually has our 2 so I didn't try that functionality. All the buttons that I tried worked, but I haven't had the need to try them all yet. I can foresee it being more a use to me when my young grandson wants to play my game so I can help him with the controls as he thinks he should be able to everything Grampy can do lol. So I guess I would give it a thumbs up as it costs so little. Your milage may vary. Happy farming!
  12. Last week
  13. Join us as we take on CanadianRob, Ak The Savage and Ragin'Gaming in a bale challenge.
  14. Plain and Simple Download?

    Here you go. https://www.facebook.com/StevieFSMods/
  15. Plain and Simple Download?

    Thanks Phil, can I get a link to his Facebook. Looking for the map for a video and of course I would rather not bypass anything for the download link. It's been out a while or at least it seems.
  16. Does this mod work?

    Thank you for letting me know I might download it and try it
  17. Plain and Simple Download?

    @FarmerKlein If you were on facebook, the link would take you here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B47G8R7CYpJ0eDhLS0tLTzExdDQ/view As this bypasses Stevie's Paypal donation screen, I thought I should post a link to it as well. https://www.paypal.me/StevieFSMods I don't want to fall out with him as we live in the same hometown UK!
  18. Does this mod work?

    I'm sorry @WelshFarmer my tablet is to old to run the software so I can't do anything until I can upgrade it. Lol.
  19. Does this mod work?

    hi I have been reading all these and I am wounding if you did download this mod and if it works
  20. Plain and Simple Download?

    @Stevienormally uploads here about 7 days after fb
  21. Plain and Simple Download?

    Looking for an offical plain and simple download. Dont have facebook so I dont know how to get to stevies facebook to get it. Dont see the map here. Looking for an offical download as I would rather not get it from one of the many mod sites as I know stevie didnt put it there.
  22. Duckzorly's Youtube Channel

    As we continue towards our harvest period in our 24 Day farming challenge, join us as we get some new equipment and prepare for the upcoming harvest. https://youtu.be/EnHNcqwTbvg
  23. Day 40: New Shoes

    Day 8 of Mid Summer About every other day I have to spend a little extra time with the animals and I top off the greenhouses, today is that day. Pigs are first, I have feed on hand so it’s a simple task of just dumping it and cleaning up. I like the convenience, but I would rather mix my own to save money. I’m getting much more efficient with the greenhouse management, again I’ll be glad when I’m not using manure purchased from other farmers. Now that I think about it, there is no reason to not use what I have on hand. Noted. I stopped by the sheep/chickens, mostly to check on the boy and their progress. All moved in. He was waiting for me when I pulled up, I’m not sure how he does that. He informed me that we were going to do maintenance on my tractors today. Of course, I knew they needed it, it was obvious. Well, I guess it made sense that they needed it, they were running a little rough. This was my plan all along. He told me I should finish the cows and deliver a load of milk and he would meet me at the main farm. I guess the way he talks and seems to be all-knowing makes me want to yes-sir him and pick up my pace. Off I went. When I was mowing I saw him drive off from the girls' place with the Old Massey, I’m sure I wouldn’t have forgotten to service that one as well. I finished up and snapped a couple of pictures of the latest calfs to send to my wife and headed back to the house. I met my wife on the way back, she was out for a jog and to see the new babies for herself. She mentioned something about boys and toys and that we were typical. I had no idea what she was talking about and off she went back up to pace so she didn’t lower her pulse too much. I remembered how silly the skinny tires looked when the boy put them on my Deere. He has redeemed himself. In the few hours I spent with the girls, he managed to transform three tractors with twelve tires to three monsters with twenty! This is going to be fun. I helped him clean up and made up a couple of plates for his supper. He informed me as he was leaving that I should get some extra rest tomorrow and after the rain, I should top off all the feed troughs that he would come back by tomorrow and he would give me the plan. Yes-sir!
  24. BD CoffeePack FS17 placeable

    If you update a map , people loose everything they did , loosing one product wouldn't be an issue and if they know they can clear the products before they put the updated mod in the map. I think people like production lines , sure if there follow more mods to that production line.If you don't want that the placeables with the same filltypes in a map create warnings it's best to make unique filltypes
  25. This is a two part poll for all members of pc-sg, you need to vote for a map and then if you want to play that map with seasons or not. The pc-sg server is provided for all our members to use by Icelandic farmer and Johnny Vee and is up 24/7 unless any updates are being applied including mods. Please take a few seconds to cast your vote, and if you have not already join and do some multiplayer farming, its a great way to spend some free time with likeminded farming nuts
  26. Way to technical for me mate, perhaps, @Andy (GTX MODS) or @Prom or @Toranion or @Johnny Vee might be able to point you in the right direction.
  27. I have searched everywhere and have posted as well and can't get a response. How can you edit or make your own unloading or tipping effect? The biggest problem I see is in the shape tab, vertexcolor is selected however it is disabled, you can't check/uncheck it. I don't see it in the i3d file if I open it with notepad++ either. Ncraiders said he found a selection in blender to select it however the shape just flashed black and white in game. I did not ask him how his uv was set up. Im just looking for a direction to start in. Any kind of tutorial or information would be awesome.
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