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  5. CDog

    Amazon Islands Farm

    I know this is kind of late and dated but I gave up on FS19 and went back to farming on FS17. Can't seem to get hay bales back out of the storage site at the cow farm. Is this broke forever? Silage and hay bales work fine. Love the map.
  6. Cavalier Roy

    W.I.P. Riverview V2

    I live streamed the setting up for starting equipment, links to those video's bellow where you can get a good look at the starting area. Video two is for the sheep zone and getting the bales in place.
  7. Last week
  8. mereman

    FS19 Maypole Farm V2

    A quick video on Maypole Farm v2
  9. legitboss

    Adding Mods to a customer mao

    I want to add a few custom mods to a map like some placeables and vehicles. Is the process the same as adding default items that come in the base game or are there some extra steps. I already know that I if end up releasing the map im making I do have to get permissions.
  10. Cavalier Roy

    W.I.P. Riverview V2

    Updated the starting so now you will start with large cow and chicken pens a few sheds the large double silage clamp. Allt his leaves for now is the starting equipment and animals. Here are a few pictures of the starting area though.
  11. sootyfarmer

    Agro Masz BTC 50H

    I have just started using the AgroMasz BTC 50H. When driving across a field with a slight incline the cultivator wants to slide sideways down the hill. Anyone else encountered this?
  12. Johnny Vee

    Field Creation Question

    You dont make fields available to buy anymore. You need to define the area in which the field is in.
  13. Wonko

    Field Creation Question

    @Johnny Vee might be able to help
  14. legitboss

    Field Creation Question

    Does anyone happen to know the procedure once a field is created and defined in the editor to make it available to buy in game. I cant seem to find any sources that show/tell how to do that and I have looked through different FS19 map XMLs and cant seem to figure it out.
  15. Earlier
  16. farmerbernie

    FS19 What do you think

    Ok. I will add another 2 cents (American) worth. Take for example the GPS mod. That should have been incorporated by Giants by now as GPS is a staple to American farming operations. Sure you can hire workers, but that's totally different than using GPS to work a field. I understand that the modder who created this is not planning on updating for FS19. Which I appreciate given the amount of effort they have put in so far to update through FS17. Giants should have simply reached out to the developer and purchased the rights or offered some type of royalty to assure it is included. For that matter where are Seasons? That should be baked in by now also, but instead we are left waiting for someone else to do the heavy lifting. And since I'm on a roll. Will someone please respond and in simple terms, that I can grasp, explain why FS19 is so much better graphically than FS17? I keep hearing this comment and I don't know what it is that stands out to make the graphical experience better, other than cutting my fps in half on a good graphics card. Anybody who has seen my posts in the past, know that I will eventually drink the Kool Aid and be on board with FS19 because it is still a great game; but just taking a little longer for me to warm up this go around.
  17. Planejox

    FS19 EC Farm Silo System

    Very nice work
  18. the.geremy

    SOB Adjustable Weight

    Hi. will you port this to FS19? Thanks for info.
  19. Wonko

    PC-SG Trucking

    We are pleased to announce we have set up our own trucking company for both ETS2 and ATS open to all members of PC-SG, please join the company and help make those deliveries 😀 Quite simple process to join, follow the link to Truckbook and register (this can be a little tricky but it will work) once you have registered you will have this screen Next download the desktop client and install then link it to EST and ATS, for better instructions on seeing up watch this video See you all on the road soon 😀 To find us in the company list copy past > PC-SG Trucking PC-SG Company direct link https://trucksbook.eu/company/34361
  20. Wonko

    FS19 What do you think

    We have over 5k members here at PC-SG I would love to gather more opinions about this latest version of Farm Simulator please even if you dont want to make a comment you can still cast your vote so we can get a better idea of what the overall feeling is for this game we enjoy playing.
  21. naqash99

    The best microphone for gaming and streaming

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  22. naqash99

    Farm Simulator 19 Release date

    Its a good and informative video for those who don't have idea to play this game.
  23. farmerbernie

    FS19 What do you think

    Anybody else put out by the way Giants is trickling out their own pieces of equipment? I understand the submission, testing, and final release of mods created by 3rd parties, but I feel that they should have had more of their own produced implements ready to go day one. It seems like a conscious decision to just release one or two here or there to keep interest up. Personally, it is kinda turning me off to the whole thing. Glad to see the modding community is still providing good products but I expect a little better out of Giants itself.
  24. todd

    Kenworth P.O.W. Tribute K100

    great truck!!!thank you
  25. Cavalier Roy

    W.I.P. Riverview V2

    Thanks Reefy, i'll try but knowing me i will be messing with something in the editor lol.
  26. mereman

    W.I.P. Riverview V2

    Take your time Roy and after you have done take some time out to play😉
  27. Cavalier Roy

    W.I.P. Riverview V2

    Your welcome bud, i'm looking forward to having V2 out for everyone to enjoy at the end of the month or as early into February as possible.
  28. Duckzorly

    W.I.P. Riverview V2

    Enjoying Riverview V1 and looking forward to V2 Roy..... I did make a point of always watching Reefy playing on Newbie Farm but never got a chance to play it myself. Good thing about that is that Riverview is fresh for me as a map....Cheers
  29. Rockhound

    Kenworth P.O.W. Tribute K100

    @FarmerKlein Thank you sir it was truly an Honor to put this machine together!
  30. FarmerKlein

    Kenworth P.O.W. Tribute K100

    A wonderful tribute to those who gave the ultimate. I am glad to see this return for FS19 in even more beauty than in 17. Wonderful job.
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