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  • fs17 hoff bergmann Hof Bergmann By PapaBear

    • 488
    German Farm Hof Bergmann V1.0.0.0 © 2016-2017 by Farmer Andy Large oversized Farm(when you look at German Farms) Animals at the farm - many sale points - exclusive buildings that you own - Apple plantation - PDA Map with self made icons Slurry, Manure, lime Fertilizer, Compost Mod (GMKFC Mod) ChoppedStraw installed (Optional, ChoppedStraw Mod required) Many Factories based on the FabrikScript (SeedMaster, FermentingMaster, CompostMaster, GrainMaster, pigFoodStar, BGA, Slurry Separator, ButterMaker, Hay Dryer) BGA generates biogas - various Missions - natural fields - purchasable meadows Pigs produce piglets these can be sold 2 cow pastures one of which produces milk in cans that need to be collected at the pasture chickens at the farm produce eggs in cartons (must be supplied with grain and water) huge slurry storage - straw storage for loose straw (barn) - Water storage at the Farm well thought-out starting Vehicles - many details - Cereal mill - Idyllic village with fire department - Lime pit - and much more This map was created with the collaboration with PC-SG, so if you need help because somethings unclear ask here in the Forums and Papa Bear will help as soon as possible. CREDITS: Map Creator: Farmer Andy Scripters: Ifkonator, kevink98 Vortaz, BlackyBPG and Marhu Piglets: by 112tec Fruit Textures:[by Eribus Promotion Photos: SyRoX Testing Teams: LS-Modcompany and Cunning-Fox You will need the Start Vehicle Pack to run the map, even if you already have some of the Mods, please use the ones out of the Pack. And don't update them again trough the Giants Modhub, because my Version changes things or updates them behind what is already available on Modhub.   Needed Vehicles- BergmannFarmEquipmentPack - CattleDroverTrailer - FarmtechTrailerPack (modified) - FendtGT255 - Fliegl_Animal_Transport_Pack - FlieglPFS16000 - FlieglRearDeck - GrimmeAL8022_QuantumAutoload - ItRunnerPack (modified) - JohnDeere6810 - KotteUniversalPack - KramerKL308T (modified) - ManureSpreaderPack (modified) - OldTankTrailer - TAM_ShiftableWeight - Zunhammer18500PE_Universal - ZunhammerOverloadStation
  • complete ar/frame pack Complete AR/Frame Pack By GtX

    • 80
    AR/Frame Attachment: This is a complete range of equipment that is ideal for small to large farms. With a piece of equipment for all occasions, this is the only equipment you will need.Equipment includes: Tippers, liquid transport, bale/pallet transport, sprayers, spreaders, animal transport, TMR mixer, forestry transport and crane, optional UAL on selected equipment. AR Truck / Trailer: This is a transport pack for the frame equipment. With a tough Man truck at the head of the pack and the choice of 4 trailers there is something to suit everyone.Equipment includes: Man truck designed to hold frames with optional 3P-Hitch at the front and two engine choices. Support also included for Gearbox Addon by Mogli. Also Available is a  triple axle trailer with a low hitch, 2 x twin axle trailers, one with high and one with low hitch types and a wagon style trailer to finish the pack. Multiplayer Tested - Error Free This pack is compatible with all current versions of the AR / Frame equipment by all known authors at time of release and testing.     Original Mod: gnescher - Farming Simulator 2015.
    Converted and upgraded with full approval: GtX. (LS-MODCOMPANY)
    Giants Software, Jengske_BE (Animal Trailer Original Model FS13), gnescher, GtX. Parts for Service Trailer:
    Kastor, Joker301069 Testing: LS-MODCOMPANY Team "DE" Translation and assistance: Papa Bear  (LS-MODCOMPANY) Scripts:
    fixServiceTrailer: Marhu
    UAL: Hot Online Team
    toggleAnimatedParts: Sven777b
    AutoLoadWood: Marhu
    OverloadPipe: Kevink98
    addStoreCategory: Ifko[nator]
    BeifahrerV3: Alex2009
    selectable: ls-for-ever
  • fs17 Watts Farm 17 for Seasons mod By Clint

    • 214
    A great farm for small equipment now with seasons snow mask FSM Chef for his objects he allowed me to use from his Auenbach map greatly appreciated. Marhu for his objects and scripts used. Giants for the game There is a few other objects i used from modhoster i will get those names and update this next map update but to those guys thank you very much.  
  • fs17 Snettertons Farm by Stevie. By Stevie

    • 261
    Snettertons Farm by Stevie. Fields to suite everyone small to large, boxed to shaped with multiple elevation changes. Seasons mod ready, chopped straw, edited textures, multifruit, some production, forestry, larger storage silo and mill storage. Unique map layout and installed mods and scripts from some of the best mod makers around. Stevie   Credits:  Map Design, build and new texturing by Stevie. Special thanks to Alex and Luke_BK for helping with the GPS mod fix for the map which jman found in server testing. Installed Mods: KevinK98, Farmer_Andy, Marhu, Eisberg, Blacksheep - RC Devil, Kastor, Ifkonator, Luke_BK, Stop Milk sale and Farmer_Andy's Universal Tanker mod pack. All at Realisimus for the seasons mod, Scripts used by: Marhu, KevinK98, Blacksheep - RC Devil, igor29381, Blacky_BPG, Xentro, Ifkonator and Decker_MMIV. Server Testing: Jman8798.

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