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Ls Modcompany

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Ls Modcompany

27 files

  1. Field Service Trailer

    Remote Service trailer that enables you to configure vehicles in the field and can also carry fuel if required.
    Allows vehicle customization in the field and also Seasons  Maintanace on field. Fuel can also be carried.
    Rear door must be open to activate service menu. Fuel pump must also be started to fuel any vehicle at the trailer.
    MP Supported and Fully Tested.
    ---- SEASONS MOD READY ----
    Author: GtX @ LS-Modcompany
    Mod and scripts : GtX
    French and Spanish: Prom
    German: CHaWo 
    LS-Modcompany Test Team & Team Members



  2. Water Trough Addon

    To install using Giants Editor.

    This PreFab addon allows you to fill and maintain your animal water troughs without the need for a trailer. The addon can be set as owned at start or the possibility to purchase and have it built over time is also available.
    If the `allowRainWater` option is set then your water troughs will slowly fill during rain or storm events.
    All required effects, sounds and script are included. Multiplayer Tested.
    Initial Release
    WaterTroughAddon.lua updated to Version: with the following changes.
    (Filling is now possible if the trough level is less than 98%. This is to adjust for maps using the 'seasons mod'.
    Status Rendering is now colour coded based on fill level of the trough and will now also display the number of days the trough fill level will last.
    There is now the option to set a water price scale in GE by adding the 'waterPriceScale' attribute. Default is 0 [free])
    GE PreFab `waterPriceScale` attribute fix. (string > float)



  3. Volvo FH16 750 SWB

    The Volvo FH16 750 Short Wheel Base.
    This is the top of the line edition and comes fitted with Twin Axles and interactive indoor hud. Gearbox Addon is full supported.
    Can be used with all semi trailers and features adjustable mirrors, movable semi trailer hitch and rain sensing wipers. Interactive Control is also an option for a real vehicle feel.
    Front Strobe Lights come installed with the optional beacon lights, these can be removed by hand from the front of the truck if required.
    Gearbox status is displayed on dash as (D,N,R) If used with Gearbox Addon then current gear number will be displayed (Forward: 0-12, Reverse: R1,R2).
    This Mod is only available on http://ls-modcompany.com or https://www.pc-sg.uk. Any other links will not be supported in anyway.
    Alex2009 ,   GtX,  Martin Fabík (LoogleCZ),  Ziuta



  4. Tank Tech Tanker Pack

    With a class leading design, capacity of 40000 litres, optional overload pipe and the ability to externally control the cover and overload pipe even when not connected to a vehicle.
    These transport tanker will take care of all your liquid transport needs.
    1) Multi Tanker (MT44) - A Multi Tanker that is capable of carrying all liquids. If shop option 'Show Fill Wrap' is choosen, a custom tank wrap is displayed depending on the fill type that is added.
    IMPORTANT NOTE (PC / MAC): The Multi Tanker 'can not' pickup fuel from default fuel triggers, only factory triggers and overloading is supported.
    2) Fuel Tanker  (FT44) - A Fuel Tanker for the transport of fuel and refilling of vehicles in the field. Depending on your configurations a custom tank wrap is displayed on the taker when fuel is added.
    Preview Video:
    IMPORTANT: Due to the use of scripts and brand restriction on consoles the following features are only available on PC & MAC.
    1) Visible Overload Pipe.
    2) Liquid discharge effects.
    3) Ability to dump excess liquid.
    4) External operation of Pipe and Cover.
    5) "REAL Brand" Tank Wraps. (Generic options are still available.)
    6) Support for fill pipe. (Milk Trigger, Fabrik and mCompany scripts by Kevink98)



  5. Silo Display

    These displays can be placed next to your silo at the main farm, train loading points and even placeable Hay Lofts.

    Live Fill level and capacity information will be displayed for the connected silo only.
    Placing the display in front of 2 x Placeable Hay Lofts will show you the combined volume of these two silos.
    The connected silo or storage name will be displayed in the F1 Menu. Just like the Silo Extensions the displays must be placed within a set limit.
    A reset option is available by standing near the display if the connected Hay Loft is moved or a second is added.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: To save system resources the displays will only update when a player or occupied vehicle is inside the detection trigger located at the front of the Displays.
    Included Displays:
    [Base Display:] Wheat, Barley, Rape, Maize, Sunflower, Soybean, SugarBeet, Potato, SugarCane.
    [Other Display:] Straw, Hay, Grass, Forage(TMR), Chaff, Silage, Pig Food, Manure, WoodChips.
    [Multi Display:] Wheat, Barley, Rape, Maize, Sunflower, Soybean, SugarBeet, Potato, SugarCane, Silage, Forage(TMR), Chaff, Straw, Grass, Hay, Pig Food, Fertilizer, Seeds, WoodChips, Manure.
    [Hub Display:] This is hub can be used with any filltype. A maximum of 19 fillTypes will be rendered to your screen when you enter the trigger.



  6. HD Bale Storage

    This storage shed is designed to store your small HD bales produced by the Welger AP730.

    Bales can be respawned on demand by using the built in menu interface. This building is also compatible with the Farming Tablet when using the 'Storage House App'.
    Building includes real lighting.
    Capacity: Straw, Grass and Hay HD Bales (460 Bales of each type).
    Important: This building will only accept bales 0.49 x 0.36 x 1.2m
    Ground markers are linked to the game settings menu.



  7. Storage Barns

    These storage barns are the perfect way to clean up your farm and remove all of your loose bales and pallets.

    With an easy to use interface and the option for square bale, round bale or farm goods storage these compact buildings will have a place on all farms.
    The perfect match for anyone using the Seasons mod.
    All items can be re-spawned on demand by using the built in menu interface. This building is also compatible with the Farming Tablet when using the 'Storage House App'.
    General Storage Barn: Seeds, Fertilizer and PigFood (40 of each BigBag), 16 Poplar Pallet, 17 Liquid Fertilizer Pallet and 9 Tree Sapling Pallet.
    Square Bale Barn: 152 Straw and 152 Hay Square Bales.
    Round Bale Barn: 124 Straw, 124 Silage and 124 Hay Round Bales.
    Modified bale and Pallet sizes will be accepted and re-spawned in the same order as delivered. The physical size/look of the re-spawned bale or pallet will be the same as default no matter the size.
    Ground markers are also linked to the game settings menu and are shown or hidden depending on your settings.



  8. Bale Storage

    These bale storage buildings are a great way to store a large amount of bales. These storage sheds are the perfect match for Seasons mod.
    (Tablet App)

    Bales can be respawned on demand by using the built in menu interface. This building is also compatable with the Farming Tablet when using the 'Storage House App'.
    Square Bale Storage: Straw, Grass and Hay Square Bales (108 Bales of each type).
    Round Bale Storage: Straw, Grass, Silage and Hay Round Bales (120 Bales of each type).
    IMPORTANT: Modified bale sizes will be accepted and respawned in the same order as delivered. The physical size/look of the respawned bale will be the same as a defualt bale no matter the size.
    Ground markers are linked to the game settings menu.
    CAUTION: Large Buildings (Flat ground only)!
    NOTE: Smaller Barn style buildings are currently testing and will be released soon.



  9. Board / Timber Storage

    This board storage building has room for 27 Board Pallets. This building is designed to be used with the Sawmill by Kevink98 (LS-Modcompany).
    (Tablet App)

    Pallets can be respawned on demand by using the built in menu interface. This building is also compatable with the Farming Tablet when using the 'Storage House App'.
    Modified pallet sizes will be accepted and respawned in the same order as they are delivered.
    Ground markers are linked to the game settings menu.



  10. Wool Storage

    This wool storage building has room for 110 Pallets. This building is perfect for anyone that likes to store their wool and wait for the best price.
    Pallets can be re-spawned on demand by using the built in menu interface. This building is also compatible with the Farming Tablet when using the 'Storage House App'.
    (Tablet App)
    Modified pallet sizes will be accepted and respawned in the same order as they are delivered.
    Ground markers are linked to the game settings menu.
    CAUTION: Large Buildings (Flat ground only)!
    NOTE: Smaller Barn style buildings are currently testing and will be released soon.



  11. FarmingTablet - App: Storage House

    This App works only in combination with FarmingTablet.
    App functions:
    - Lists all buildings marked by StorageHouse-Script
    Compatible Mods:
    - Placeable StorageHouse
    - Maps using the StorageHouse.lua
    Value/Purchase Price: $3.000



  12. FarmingTablet - App: Bunker Silo Overview

    ##- App for FarmingTablet -##
    This App works only in combination with FarmingTablet.
    App functions:
      - Lists all Bunker Silos and provides up to date information including fermenting time and fill level information
    Value/Purchase Price: 3.000€



  13. Mp-management by kevink98

    Hello everybody:
    This has been a very big and long project for the team and hard to get in a position to provide it, to all our fellow pc-gamers.
    We will really appreciate that you test the mod and also provide some user experience or bugs that you could find. 
    Thanks in advance
    Prom - LSModCompany

    MP-Manager - the great multiplayer expansion
    With this mod, the multiplayer is finally realistic! You can simulate several farms. There is also the opportunity to gamble with a contractor. Each player is assigned to a court. Thus, you have the opportunity to lead a separate accounting.
    Thanks to my friends for the support
    Lastly, I want to thank at some. Eribus has created many great textures. Mach1-Andy and ralfrhoen for testing. TyЯiOn for the texts and for providing its Google spreadsheet! In addition to K1D , aicwebmike , and Miniarun for their financial support of the 2 LS-key's  

    To download the file, you need to register in our web  https://ls-modcompany.com/login 
    To facilitate translation to English, I recomend you to open with edge and use this plugin

    And select automatic translation from German to English. Then you can navigate and follow all conversations.
    Please remember to write in German if you make any query or comment using Bing translator
    Important notes
    This is a test version!
    The probability that errors occur is very high!
    Please enter the errors you found in the bug tracker (Mp-Manager)! Also suggestions can be submitted
    Required mods
    It is mandatory to use FarmingTablet in version

    Important notes 
    Adds the mod only in your Mod Folder if you want to really get a good gamble.
    The scripts take influence on the game, even when the app is not configured or is not used.

    A configuration is needed to use the app. How you can find out under the item configuration.
    The configuration may make only one person! Several at the same time!

    Buy apps 
    The MP Manager consists of two apps:
    MP management   Price: € 10,000
    TechFarmFinanz     Price: € 5,000

    Both are available in the Appstore by the FarmingTablet:

    A configuration is required for the use of the functions.
    This is integrated into the MP-management app and will start when you press Ctrl Z :

    Now can be started by clicking on "Start configuration":
    Note that only one person can make the configuration!

    General information 
    There is currently no way to make changes at a later date. This is only realized in the admin area.
    However it is possible by hand in the carrerSavegame.xml to change something. However, this is not recommended!
    The names that you specify in the configuration must be the same as the in-game name of individual players (more under "details of names")!
    It always more can be specified by name. To separate the names with a comma and a space ("," without the quotation marks). Can make it look like this: "Max, Florian" (without quotation marks). You can see examples on the following pictures.
    To access the pages, you must click on the individual buttons. To complete the configuration, you must click the hoe blades.
    It is recommended to comply with the order of the pages. So start with page 1 and stop at page 4. However you can back always if you forgot what.

    Details of the name 
    To use the app, it is assuming that the name is specified correctly. Each player puts a name before joining in the game:
    The name "Admin1" would be in this picture. Just as this must be specified in the configuration (see E.g. image at "First page").

    First page 

    First, you must specify the administrators. These can be E.g. other lodges and add players (yet implemented!).
    Multiple administrators can be listed here.

    Under it, the password is set. This is later used to get into the admin area.
    The password is the same for all admins

    Second page 

    On the next page, it sets all players first. As already written in "General information", the name must be identical with the in-game name.
    Otherwise, you will not be able to access any vehicle

    In the Middle, it sets whether or not to play with a contractor. The contractor company can contract you and you will be paid accordingly.
    With this system, you keep alive play-ability and competition as the contractor is like the government that provide subvention or grants.  
    Except that the contractors first is listed. If there are ideas on the subject of contractors, this writes please in the issue tracker as a proposal.

    Lastly, considering the individual farms. You have to write here the names that will be used in the future.
    Also here you must write and number your farms with a "comma and space" in order to be specified (see General information).

    Third page 

    Now we come to the Division.

    It divides in the upper table, each player belong to which court.
    In the table below, it sets who should be the head of the Court. The Court head gets later more possibilities (rights), such as adjusting prices, etc.

    Fourth page 

    As a final step, you only sets the contractor (if there is one) and the individual farms should start with what seed capital.

    Complete the installation 
    Everything is set, you can click on the hook (in addition to the 4). Now can be started to gamble! Have fun!  

    MP Manager 
    This is the home page of the MP-management app:

    Here, an overview man currently has, how much capital each farm has.

    Important: Currently, not all buttons are unlocked. Currently, only two are functional:
    Here it is always on the home (pictured above)
    Change Admin
    Remove Admins hinzugügen,
    Players add, remove, modify
    Courts add, remove, modify
    Bookings (seen first button left top) 
    Access to the portion of "Reservations"

    The other button are placeholder. The matching functions for this will be.

    There is a small Info page, where important things / innovations, etc. in there are:

    The Administrationbreich is there to make changes to the data. Before you can change something, you have to log in first. This can however only, if one is listed as admin.

    Change Admin 
    Add admin 
    Remove admin 
    Other players 
    Add players 
    Remove teammates 
    You can also delete players.
    Change player 
    Add farms 
    Remove farms 
    Change farms 

    Assign booking summary / bookings 
    All money input and outputs are documented under the 'Bookings' area. On the first page, you can see all bookings for his court.
    As an example, I bought a Massey Ferguson (MF5600). The amount is deducted from the account of the Court and marked as red number:

    But not every input or output assignable to a court. This is the case, then this will be listed under "Open items":

    To then assign the appropriate value to his court, must be clicked just right in the relevant line on the button.

    Classification of vehicles, animals and placeable objects (not completely finished!) 
    For maintenance costs, it is important that you share the vehicles, animals, and placeable objects. In the first trial, this part is not completely finished. Currently it is only possible to classify vehicles:

    All vehicles are listed left. There you can assign the courts by means of the buttons. Right, where is the vehicle currently is (red dot).

    Important: One must divide the vehicles. Getting into vehicles is only when the vehicle is associated with the farm. Otherwise, a warning message will appear.

    On the first page of the app, there is an overview of invoices and payments.

    Top left: Listed are only unpaid bills.
    Top right: Collection of the most recently written invoices.
    Bottom left: Collection of the most recently received transfers.
    Bottom right: Collection of most recently written referrals.

    Furthermore there are everywhere still count.

    A new account to create, click the left button top right.

    At the top in the middle one indicates, to which court the invoice is to be sent.

    Then you can. Entries set. This includes everything in the right column is set. Above one indicates what it is. Each performance is counted differently:
    After hours: 
    To do this all the way down to increase hours.
    to number: 
    Also see below increase the number.
    After acres: 
    Here, a field must be selected in place. Since, then, depending on the number of hectares of the price is automatically calculated.

    Important: It is not, whether the selected performance hours or number of hectares. However one can derive that. Has to do with fields, is mostly hectares, the rest above a certain number. But you can tell pretty quickly, if the price is not increased.

    Everything is set, then you can add the entry via the button below. According to this principle, you can add as many items to the invoice.

    With "Create invoice", the invoice is created and sent the chosen court.

    In which you left click on the middle button to get an overview of all bills.

    Then you can see the preserved bills left. They are sorted there in paid and unpaid.
    Right, you can see the written accounts.
    On both sides, small buttons are right of the table. So you can look at the Bill. The invoice is not paid, then you can pay also (see view).
    This invoice is a written invoice. It has listed all the entries again.
    If invoices are not paid, then the page has an additional button 'transfer'. With a click of the button you reach the payment page. There, everything is filled out (addresses and amount).

    A transfer can be created by clicking on the right button top right.

    There, it is then up to whom you want to send money.
    Under there then the desired amount. After clicking on "Send", the transfer is sent.

    Of course, you have an overview of all transfers.
    Left the preserved and right the required transfers are listed.



  14. 2017 Big M500

    The Big M 500 - 2017 Edition.  Some people will remember this fantastic piece of equipment from Farming Simulator 2013. The 2017 edition has a brand new cabin design, improved parts including operating blades
    and components. One of the largest mowers available with a cutting width of 13.2 meters and the ability to create a windrow this mower is the perfect choice for any large field work.

    Price: €280000
    Upkeep: €320 / day.
    PLEASE NOTE:  WideSpread has been disabled until this feature is fixed in the next Giants update.. This is a known issue.



  15. Placeable Fruit Trees

    It is time to start your own orchard. These placeable Orange and Apple trees will produce an hourly income when water is added.
    By adding Manure you will double your income by producing a better yield. Fruit is sold automatically every hour.
    Fruit is only visible when water level is greater than 0.

    Income per hour: These numbers will double when manure is added.
    Easy Mode = 60
    Normal Mode = 40
    Hard Mode = 20



  16. Stappenbach fix for CoursePlay

    Set of Boundaries defined for all fields in the map. Only works for Courseplay.
    Stappenbach fix for Courseplay
    We have prepared a fix for field boundaries in the map, to work correctly for courseplay,
    This is a complete set of courseplay custom fields scan that you have to add uncompressed as xml file in your save game.

    With this fix, you will get better speed of starting the game when courseplay perform the initial scanning and the best helper for stappenbach single player as all field planning is exact.

    if you join fields, you can go with the vehicle to the field and overwrite the previous custom field scan for the new joint fields that courseplay will find for you.
    Move the tractor around the field and you will see different scans and select the one more convenient for your new fields configuration.

    For multiplayer, I recommend you to use mogli's AI Vehicle. Works ok in 80% of the fields.
    We are working on more accuracy field boundaries for the next update.

    I expect you get better game experience with courseplay in this narrow and exciting stappenbach map.
    Have fun! -Prom Lsmodcompany
    Support:  https://ls-modcompany.com/filebase/file/57-stappenbach-fix-for-courseplay/



  17. Stappenbach17

    One of the most successful maps of FS15 returns to your screens!

    A versatile map, which now has newly designed forestry areas and almost completely new textures made by Eribus (ForgottenPlants).
    Like you know from the past, you can choose from different farms and Select your favorite farm.
    You and your friends can work together or everyone on his/her own when playing a multiplayer game.
    Next to the standard animals (cows, pigs and sheep) you will find pig and cow fattening Farms as option to the standard gameplay.
    Today, modern biogas plants are also a must have and can be found on the map.
    You can also find a fair number of fields in the almost in an almost exact replica of the real life area Stappenbach in the Game.
    In the 2017 version of the map you get the possibility to connect fields and meadows so you can use big equipment if that's what you like to do.
    Be inspired by the extraordinary flair of a real replica of the Area around Stappenbach in Oberfranken.

    Have fun! - Mod Powered By:



  18. Pickup Triple Pack

    Three separate pickups that have now been made useful on the farm. All versions have adjustable mirrors, 2 x interior types and option to fit Interactive Controls.    
    Interactive Control: doors, windows, lights, inside light, hazard lights and start/stop engine. Door can be open from outside when IC is optioned.
    1. Pickup Tipper - Can be used to transport all bulk products. Tipper has built in rams to tip tray and black crop cover. Rear door can be opened by hand.
    2. Flatbed - Removable tray sides and rear from outside only, Option to install UAL Script. Can also carry Multi Liquid Tanker (available in store "misc"), sides and rear frames must be hand removed to attach tanker.
    3. Flatbed Cage - Designed for use with small logs up to 2.5 meters. Option to install forestry UAL script. Doors can only be opened from outside.
    4. Multi liquid tanker - Designed to be fitted to "Flatbed Pickup" only. If UAL is optioned on pickup it will not auto load when tank is attached.
    BeifahrerV3.lua: Alex2009 
    InteractiveControl.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes GtX)
    InteractiveComponentInterface.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes  GtX)
    InteractiveWindows.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes  GtX)
    InteractiveButtons.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes  GtX)
    InteractiveExternal.lua:  GtX
    lockMovingTools.lua:   GtX
    realCab.lua:   GtX
    AutoLoadWood.lua:  Marhu (FS17 Conversion  -  fcelsa)
    coverKotte:  Farmer Andy (Based on scripting by Giants Software)
    emptyMe:  Blacky_BPG
    motohoursCounter:  agro787
    newMaterialHolder:  Ifko[nator]
    OverloadPipe:  Kevink98
    trailerAnimateDoors:  50keda, Ziuta, (Changes to lock when connected - GtX)
    UAL: Hot Online Team



  19. Tatra Phoenix AR Truck

    This Truck is designed to be used with all AR / Frame equipment. Optional Interactive Controls for most cabin features, animated cab including warning lights, windows, doors, wipers.
    Support for the Gearbox Addon, option to fit front and rear 3-Point Hitchs and wide mud tyres. Gearbox status is displayed on dash as (D,N,R)
    If used with Gearbox Addon then current gear number will be displayed (Forward: 0-12, Reverse: R1,R2).
    addStoreCategory.lua:  Ifko[nator]
    BeifahrerV3.lua: Alex2009 
    InteractiveControl.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes GtX)
    InteractiveComponentInterface.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes  GtX)
    InteractiveWindows.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes  GtX)
    InteractiveButtons.lua:  Manuel Leithner (2017 Version Changes  GtX)
    InteractiveExternal.lua:  GtX
    lockMovingTools.lua:   GtX
    realCab.lua:   GtX
    selectable.lua:  ls-for-ever



  20. Complete AR/Frame Pack

    AR/Frame Attachment: This is a complete range of equipment that is ideal for small to large farms. With a piece of equipment for all occasions, this is the only equipment you will need.Equipment includes: Tippers, liquid transport, bale/pallet transport, sprayers, spreaders, animal transport, TMR mixer, forestry transport and crane, optional UAL on selected equipment.
    AR Truck / Trailer: This is a transport pack for the frame equipment. With a tough Man truck at the head of the pack and the choice of 4 trailers there is something to suit everyone.Equipment includes: Man truck designed to hold frames with optional 3P-Hitch at the front and two engine choices. Support also included for Gearbox Addon by Mogli. Also Available is a  triple axle trailer with a low hitch, 2 x twin axle trailers, one with high and one with low hitch types and a wagon style trailer to finish the pack.
    Multiplayer Tested - Error Free
    This pack is compatible with all current versions of the AR / Frame equipment by all known authors at time of release and testing.
    Original Mod: gnescher - Farming Simulator 2015.
    Converted and upgraded with full approval: GtX. (LS-MODCOMPANY)

    Giants Software, Jengske_BE (Animal Trailer Original Model FS13), gnescher, GtX.
    Parts for Service Trailer:
    Kastor, Joker301069
    Testing: LS-MODCOMPANY Team
    "DE" Translation and assistance: Papa Bear  (LS-MODCOMPANY)
    fixServiceTrailer: Marhu
    UAL: Hot Online Team
    toggleAnimatedParts: Sven777b
    AutoLoadWood: Marhu
    OverloadPipe: Kevink98
    addStoreCategory: Ifko[nator]
    BeifahrerV3: Alex2009
    selectable: ls-for-ever



  21. Farmer Andys Tool Box

    Gives the Toolbox a meaning



  22. Poettinger Universal Loader

    Pick up loose material from the ground and load it onto a trailer.



  23. Slow Config Hall

    This Hall is freely configurable in game



  24. Slow Bee pack

    The right Mod for all hobby beekeepers



  25. soya milk Production

    Production for Soyabean Milk



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