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Mod Desscription

Map mod based on Sosnovka, Gold Nugets

  • traffic now goes about 50 kmh/mph and more vehicles types
  • reset point on main farm
  • chopped straw enabled
  • number of field directions increased
  • gold nuggets

feel free to use this map for  further modding


What's New in Version 1.2.0   See changelog


This is Sosnovka map modified by me. I play this map in FS15 for a long time and i play it also in FS17. I am glad, that this map is finally open for editing. Here are some changes, that i consider to do after many hours of play: - traffic now goes about 50 kmh/mph and more vehicles types - some useless buildings on the main farm are replaced by shed for vehicles - new dirt road around small lake to access nice spot for water refill - add small wooden bridge to make alternate short way to shop and avoid traffic - animal selling point was moved to better place - i removed 3 silos for silage accidentally :/, don`t worry there`s plenty of them either, i never use them when play - add fireplace to have nice free time 😄 - reset point move to main farm - chopped straw enabled - numer of field directions increased - adding gold nuggets, Sosnovka is worth it - two big fields were removed for nice big meadow - joining some fields to big ones 😎 - leveling the ground in two fenced areas near farm - make appropriate changes also in PDA This map and changes are mainly for single player play. I make this changes to brings to map, what i missing. The reason to publish it on the web is, that maybe somebody also want to play Sosnovka and this little changes is what he seek. I try to add additional fruit types to map, i follow installation step, result was that, new fruits exist on farm, but seeders do not have option to seed those new corps. 😕 Maybe in next version :) If you find any error please let me know. Have a fun... 😉 the.geremy

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