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      Test Team   28/05/17

      We have now set up a Mod & Map testing team who will test both PC-SG mods & maps but other mod authors and modding partners who want their creations put through a rigorous testing before release to the community.The Team:-Lead tester: FlametamerTesters:BigMattJMJ486MeremanBigJohnnyDJohnny VeeDoughboy2913Icelandic Farmer
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      Tags & Prefixes   25/07/17

      Please remember to use tags and to set a prefix every time you upload a new mod, this is how search engines like Google & Bing searches for your mods. First choose your tags then you can choose a prefix, always use the mod name as the prefix and include the mod author in the tags, doing this will help with pc-sg search rankings and then that will increase the downloads on your mods.

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Mod Desscription

Pick up loose material from the ground and load it onto a trailer.

What's New in Version   See changelog


With the Poettinger universal loader you have the possibility to pick up loose material from the ground and load it onto a trailer, or directly back to a new heap. The control of the pipe is only done manually, except for the opening. A switchable laser aiming aid helps you to aim more precisely. 


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