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Mod Desscription

Nagce Valley is a fictitious map with an American Mid-West theme, though admittedly it’s been 40 years or more since I was last in the Mid-West so I may not be spot on with all the details. I’ve wanted to create a map tailored to my play style since I first began playing the game and Nagce Valley is the realization of that dream.  When I first started laying out the map last December there where a few must haves, some maybe I’ll add these, and a couple of not on my map details that shaped the maps development. I’ll take a few moments to go over some of these as they are tailored to the way I play the game, namely big fields, big equipment and very limited use of AI help. As this may or may not be the way you play the game the following may help you decide if Nagce Valley is a map you want to play or one you’ll take a pass on. If you’re still undecided after reading this introduction to Nagce Valley I encourage you to check out Farmer Klein’s First Impression video and the MP testing streams that were done on Iain Robson’s YouTube channel. Both of these are linked to at the end of the description.


Nagce Valley is at its core big, often irregularly shaped fields designed for big equipment. The map is focused on arable farming and animal husbandry. There is a fairly large BGA that also supports the maps only production, a compost facility and a bio-diesel plant. Some light forestry is available as well though it’s certainly not a focus of the map.


Detail and realism, or at least what feels realistic to me, trumps convenience. Ok, so you were with me up to that detail and realism trumps convenience stuff, what do I mean by that? There’s a clue in the name of the map, or more specifically behind the hidden meaning of the maps name. The Nagce part of Nagce Valley is short for Not Another Gold Crest Edit. On the surface this would imply that the map is not a revised version of GCV, which is true as it began as a blank starter map, but there’s a bit more to it than that. The secondary meaning is that the map doesn’t necessarily play like GCV and you may need to change things up a bit from the GCV norm if you decide to play this map. Some of the immediately obvious differences are no town, no trains, no gold, and no AI traffic, pedestrians or chickens. Not as immediately obvious but more impactful on play style, particularly if you rely on AI help, is that there is very little grass runoff between fields, making headlands more or less mandatory  if you don’t want to end up in the neighboring field.


Nor is the map is particularly friendly to AI helpers. In addition to the lack of grass run off areas all collidable objects on the map are …well collidable. Driving though trees, power poles and fences may make things easy for the AI but it kills my sense of immersion so was a no go on my map. Once again headlands are highly recommended. I’m not saying that AI help cannot be used, just that you may not be able to use it as readily as you can on GCV. Additionally due to the shape of some of the fields you may not get an end of field warning when using the GPS mod, so keep that in mind particularly when running missions.


Enough about what for better or worse that map doesn’t have. Here’s what you will find on Nagce Valley.


  • Twelve large arable fields, half of which are not rectangular, ranging in size from just over 7ha to over 43ha. For comparison purposes the smallest field on Nagce Valley is larger than all but two of GCV’s 30 odd fields. The focus on big fields means that the map is not particularly mission friendly, though missions can still be run if you’re willing to invest the time.
  • Three large grass fields, between 10 and 20ha in size, the yield of which can be increased through fertilization.
  • One main centrally located farm with 350,000 liter of silo capacity, ample vehicle storage, sheds with collisions for tipping crops and fills, and a vehicle repair shed. The pig yard is located here as well.
  • A separate yard across the way for the cows and sheep. The pond on this yard provides the maps sole source of free water.
  • Three sell points for crops, one of which also provides another 500,000 liters of storage should you need more than what the farm silos provide. Crops stored in this facility are separate from those stored in the farm silo and will not be reflected on the maps overview screen.
  • A BGA facility that includes a compost plant as well as a Bio Diesel plant. Producing compost will require diesel and bio mass such as straw, grass, or root crop while producing bio diesel will require compost and digestate.
  • Wood chip and log sell points in the forest to the south of the BGA.
  • Bales, wool and milk can be sold near the stockyard on the west side of the map. Automatic milk sales have been disabled so you will need to transport milk to the sell point. The stopMilkSales placeable is not required.
  • The Kotte Universal pack is required to support milk sales and bio diesel production.
  • There are refueling points near the vehicle sales shop and at the farm. Fuel produced at the bio diesel plant can be sold at both of these points.
  • The map is set up for chopped straw. Just add the chopped straw for harvesters mod to your mod folder if you want that functionality.
  • The map is Seasons mod ready. A snow mask has been added and trees, shrubs, weeds, flowers and water plants were all edited to change with seasons.



Suggested Mods for full functionality

Kotte Universal pack, Chopped Straw for Harvesters and the Seasons mod.



I highly recommend removing all other map mods from your mod folder when running this map.

The map is fairly GPU intensive. Driving around the map to build the cache on a fresh save may improve performance.


Video Review and Let's Plays




PC-SG is the only official host of the mod as well as the only site from which I will provide support for the map. Edits for personal use are permitted and highly encouraged. Distribution of the map to other sites without my permission is right out poor form; though most likely inevitable despite my wishes. If you are one of the parasites that upload other people’s works without their permission please have some shred of decency and include my full list of credits.


For those interested in reading about the maps development please check out http://www.chaseydog.net





Map author – Chaseydog


Assets -  Giants, NLD Farmers, Dorset, Decker_MMIV , Marhu, Kevink98, Al_Bundy , Fendtfan1, Blacksheep/RC_Devil, Niko1410, Blacksheep modding, MJD, Itisntworking modding, Justin, Killerrf, Luzog, Titoine76, Farmer Andy, Niggels - Vertex Dezign, Stevie, easyhalls.com, Dajnet, Dogface, kingkalle - Team LTW, DocElyoc1, Robbie/rwm, Team Wild, Realistic Farmers, Desperados93, BulletBill, ccs101, kimG, mrbear, reallogger, Rahkiin, Realismus Modding, VASILISVASILIS31, JDFarms, Vanquish08.


If there are assets on this map that have not been credited please drop me a PM as it was not my intention to miss recognizing anyone’s hard work and contribution to the community.  


Short Description

What's New in Version   See changelog


Since the 1.5.1 update to the game maps containing the compost master may throw the following error

Error: i3d  'H:/FS17Mods/CDF/NagceValley/maps/imports/compostMaster/fillPlanes/materialHolder.i3d' could not be found.
MaterialHolder for CompostMaster placeable loaded successful!

The error should not affect gameplay and the compost master will function as expected. The materialHolder does in fact load as can be seen in the second line of the error, I believe that the problem is that since the update the map is calling the newMaterialHolder.lua which initially looks for the materiaHolder in the wrong location. Thanks Maverick74 for providing a solution https://forum.giants-software.com/viewtopic.php?f=940&t=119237


This update incorporates Maverick's fix. There are no other changes and a new save will not be required. If you're not experiencing issues with the map (which is likely) and don't care if the error shows in the log than there is no reason to download the updated version. If you're not experiencing issues but don't want to see this error in your log than by all means download the revised map. If you are having issues than this may fix that issue and I'd suggest downloading the revised version as a first step in troubleshooting that issue

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