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As a young teen your dad noticed your lack of interest in farming and at the age of 18 after an intense argument you moved into the city. Several years passed since you last spoke to your dad, but one night you received a call saying your dad was on his death bed and was asking for you. Out of respect you went only to find out your dad wanted you to take your rightful place at the farm. In short your dad wanted to make sure the farm remained in the family and he didn't care how you did that as long as the farm wasn't sold or lost.

Little did you know how bad the farm had been hit with financial issue's both with the bank and the lack of funds available. Looking through the logs you found over the last 3 years almost every field and most of the equipment had been sold to cover the ever growing debt. What's more you found a notice from the bank stating you had One year to pay off the debt or the farm and all the equipment would be repossessed and sold at auction.

Looking further through the logs you found a sealed letter addressed to you, it was clearly old. With your eye's filled with tears as you continued to read turning to the second page you decide you owe it to yourself and your dad to make sure the farm remains in your families name.

Its been 6 years since you took over the farm and through most of those 6 years you was just about keeping things together unfortunately many farms around the area began to close, sold off and turned into all sorts of things. You was determined not to let this farm suffer the same fate, and after 4 years of struggling you managed to appease the bank and you have been on good terms with them since.

Last year your dad's friend approached you with an offer of 50 dairy cows. You hadn't been interested in a dairy farm, but you remember how much your dad loved the cows he had and the farm had almost everything in place already to see to the cows needs it was a no brainer and the bank was more than happy to loan you the money.


Newbie farm feature all animals zones based around 1 farm, with 27 fields all varying in size and shapes and a mass amount of forestry area's of which there are over 13000 tree's more than enough to cater for the hardcore loggers out there. For those who love the concept and challenge behind the seasons mod you will be happy to know this map is now seasons ready.

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