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Stappenbach fix for CoursePlay 1.0.0

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Mod Desscription

Set of Boundaries defined for all fields in the map. Only works for Courseplay.

Stappenbach fix for Courseplay

We have prepared a fix for field boundaries in the map, to work correctly for courseplay,

This is a complete set of courseplay custom fields scan that you have to add uncompressed as xml file in your save game.

With this fix, you will get better speed of starting the game when courseplay perform the initial scanning and the best helper for stappenbach single player as all field planning is exact.

if you join fields, you can go with the vehicle to the field and overwrite the previous custom field scan for the new joint fields that courseplay will find for you.

Move the tractor around the field and you will see different scans and select the one more convenient for your new fields configuration.




For multiplayer, I recommend you to use mogli's AI Vehicle. Works ok in 80% of the fields.

We are working on more accuracy field boundaries for the next update.

I expect you get better game experience with courseplay in this narrow and exciting stappenbach map.


Have fun! -Prom Lsmodcompany


Support:  https://ls-modcompany.com/filebase/file/57-stappenbach-fix-for-courseplay/

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