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Mod Desscription


The purpose of this document is to help the farmer playing seasons to predict how much food to have on hand before diving into animal ownership.  Unlike the base game where you can buy animals and never feed them with Seasons if you do not keep your animals feed they will die off.  To be good stewards to our virtual animals we should not purchase them until we can care for them.  This document will help you plan out the optimal number of animals you can care for based on the amount of crops you have growing or the amount of crop you have in storage.

General directions:

Reference your season length with the Season day factor table and enter the correct day factor in A3 on any or all of the animal tabs.  Then enter on B3 on any or all the tabs the number of animals you wish to reference the feed requirements for.  For the cows enter the powerfood/TMR mixing ratio that you use as a decimal value.  Note there will be some margin of error on the numbers based upon rounding calculations.

Using the data:

There are four main sections of data on each tab that may interest you.  The first is the amount of materials needed every 3 days to feed your animals.  This table breaks down the amount of material that the troughs will accept over a 3 day feeding for a given season based on the season length day factor and the number of animals.  For any animal that accepts grass it does not reflect grass during winter as feeding grass is disabled during the winter season.  The next section is the total amount of material you will need over the course of each of the four seasons as well as a total for a full game year for the given season length and number of animals.  The third section of interest is the approximate amount in hecatres that you should plant of a given crop to sustain a given number of animals over a game year.  This calculation is assuming the field is plowed and fertilized three times.  The last section is an estimation on the number of bales you will need to feed the select number of animals over a game year.  The bale counts are estimates assuming standard in game bale capacity of 4000L.

Animal specific information:


For cows it assumes that if you feed TMR/Power food you do NOT feed hay/silage independent of the TMR feeding.  If you do not feed power food/TMR then the silage/hay column will reflect how much to get that column to 100% every 3 days. There is a power food breakdown that will calculate the amounts of the various power food components that will be needed to prepare the total amount needed every 3 days to fill both the power food and hay/silage columns to 100%.


The table that reflects the estimated crop size that is needed to support a given number of pigs over the course of a game year has all of the potential feed components listed.  You may select which cereal, protein and root crop to grow based on these calculations.  You do not need to grow both wheat and barley for example you can select one or the other or a combination of the two. 

Crop yield data was taken from the following document


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