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      Test Team   28/05/17

      We have now set up a Mod & Map testing team who will test both PC-SG mods & maps but other mod authors and modding partners who want their creations put through a rigorous testing before release to the community.The Team:-Lead tester: FlametamerTesters:BigMattJMJ486MeremanBigJohnnyDJohnny VeeDoughboy2913Icelandic Farmer
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      Tags & Prefixes   25/07/17

      Please remember to use tags and to set a prefix every time you upload a new mod, this is how search engines like Google & Bing searches for your mods. First choose your tags then you can choose a prefix, always use the mod name as the prefix and include the mod author in the tags, doing this will help with pc-sg search rankings and then that will increase the downloads on your mods.

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Mod Desscription

This is a placeable liquid storage facility.  It holds liquid fertilizer, liquid manure, fuel, water, and digestate.  There are 2 semi tankers included in the mod.  One works just like the in game kotte accept it hauls all liquids, the other is a fuel tanker that can be filled at the storage facility, or at a fueling station, and will fuel your equipment.  The semi tankers can be found in the misc category.



Fixed support columns on the tanks so they visually go up and down.

Fixed the trigger on the fuel tanker so it picks up quicker at a gas station.


Edited triggers to support modded tanks.  Tested with the road train pack, and universal kotte.  Added a small multi tank and a fuel tank.


Fixed wheel chocks on semi tankers, fixed decals.




What's New in Version



Upped placeable tank capacity, added hitches to the back of the small tanks, sped up unloading time of placeable.


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