• Version 1.2

An edit of Sosnovka Not 3.1 which was an edit of the default map, Sosnovka. The map is seasons ready. All animals around the main farm, many fields deleted and some fields enlarged, Two placeable area's and room for placeable's at the farm. Many Industries added to the map all with auto sell function, new chicken mod added so now you can breed or just leave as normal, note you will have to water and feed you chickens. New watering system added to give the animals a drink, New auto stack bale sheds added and all new root crop shed system as well as storage for loose hay and straw. Compost maker and the ability to spread compost on the fields, seed , fertilizer and biodiesel makers.   A big thank you to Stevie for letting me use his industries from his maps A big big thank you to GTX - Andy for all his hard work helping me.