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Rocky Mountain Farms

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Mod Desscription

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Farms, located in the great Rocky Mountains, USA, just south of the Canadian border...


You have been bestowed with a section of land in an area of the mountainous countryside, totally cut off from the outside world except by helicopter transport... the land is rugged, but beautiful.  The farming here is difficult as the growing season is short and the
winters are harsh, but there is plenty to do here, all year round.


Grab your boots and get to work at Rocky Mountain Farms!

You start out with all the 21 fields owned, there are no missions as you are the only one here... there are plenty of trees to cut, which will be needed for the industry in the valley... Just be sure to replace what you cut, otherwise you will be out of trees before you
know it...


You have been given a small bit of equipment to get you going (users with the Classics DLC and the Kuhn DLC get a little bonus) dropped off at the vehicle shop building's main lot... you get to decide where you want your stuff and then take it there.


You have some animals to start with, and some crops in the silos as a little bonus, but get to work caring for them or they will die.


There is no regular sellpoint for logs... you bring them to the saw mill, where they are cut up to make boards that you may sell at the warehouse... you will have a good quantity of woodchips left over from the cutting of the boards, use these for fuel to power the secondary portion of the saw mill facility, which makes pallets and barrels to be sold at the warehouse as well.  The grinder/shredder also accepts loose straw or old bales as fuel... There is a board storage shed nearby to store the pallets of boards till you are ready to sell them... also 2 bale storage sheds for bales...


Additionally, you may take excess logs around to the pallet and cardboard factory to use as source material... there, also, you will get woodchips from the cutting of the logs, use these wood chips the same way, as fuel, or, as source material for the card
board production... there are two storage facilities on the map to store woodchips till you need them, extra woodchips may be placed in the compost master as there is no sellpoint for wood chips on the map.


There are 3 greenhouses inside a master structure (to protect from the cold winters) from which you will get berries to sell... you will need to input pallets and cardboard pallets (in addition to the normal water and manure) from the pallet cardboard factory for your
berries to be placed in... the finished product berry pallets can be stored in the appropriate storage sheds (climate controlled) until you are ready to transport them to the refrigerated warehouse at the sellpoint.


There are two additional greenhouses next to the large structure, where you input water, manure and fertilizer and get cucumbers and tomatoes to sell at the second refrigerated warehouse...


Also, there is an automated soymilk factory next door that opens the doors automatically bright and early in the morning, ready to work... You input water, soybeans and diesel fuel to make the soymilk, which you can sell at the dairy, at the same place you sell the milk from your cows. (the facility is totally automatic after you input the needed materials, opens the first half of the day to accept inputs and only the outputs are available the second half of the day) You will also get as byproducts of the process, pigFood and digestate...  There is a liquidManure/digestate sellpoint at the sell area as well in case you have extra...


The fps clipdistance mod is built in, so you can park all your mods in the buildings without impacting the fps of the game...


The map incorporates the compost master, which takes almost anything and requires diesel fuel to run... you will need the Kotte Pack Uni fuel trailer to transport fuel from the wholesale fuel sell over to the composter...


Compost can be sold for a premium price at the sellpoint, also, you may use it in any of the greenhouses in addition to manure...


Wholesale priced fuel may be purchased from the sellpoint area as well... in addition to bulk priced pigfood, seeds and fertilizer.  For regular priced seeds and fertilizer, you may enter the storage building to purchase... auto doors open for you as you approach...


All the standard animal types are here on the map... the sheep and cows share a common pasture in the northern most valley, where they benefit from the grazing mod, which has been built into this map...  No additional mods needed in the mod folder for the grazing mod.


This map also incorporates the enhanced chickens mod, built in, so no additional mods needed for it as well.  Produce lots of eggs, or breed chickens for sale in the valley, the choice is yours.


The water trough mod is also built in, for ALL animals, including the enhanced chickens.


There is a special bale storage area for HD bales in the chicken enclosure... works the same as the other bale storage areas and sheds...


You start out with some of each type of animal and a limited bit of water in each trough... take care of your animals right away or they will die...


Also, there are some crops left over in the storage silos, as well as some bales, which you can use to get you going...


You do not have a lot of equipment, so use it wisely...


This map is fully Seasons ready, with a snowmask and textures which change according to the seasons...

Disclaimer: this is a highly detailed map, using many different scenery objects and several custom foliage layers to achieve visual realism, and as such will require a strong, high spec PC to run... especially if you have many mods on the farm. The only solution to this issue is to not use any mods and/or turn the settings down.  Additionally, to avoid unforeseen issues and conflicts, please have ONLY this map in the mod folder as having multiple maps in the folder will cause issues as the game loads all the scripts from all the maps, including the active one...

This will be the only version of the map, unless someone finds a game breaking bug, shouldn't since it's been fully tested. However, any things you don't like or would like to be improved will have to be for your own private editions.

Happy farming!

Notice: Since this map will end up being uploaded everywhere, no matter my wishes, please at least include the ENTIRE description and CREDITS when you do... by doing this, you show respect for all the hard work of the great many modders whose work
goes into maps such as this one...

Short Description

FS17 Mod Map


Seasons Ready

Grazing Mod

Dynamic Mud


FPS ClipDistance

Enhanced Chickens

Water Trough Mod





GnG Modding (original concept & dem ideas)

Map Objects:

Frontier Designs
Agrarteam Franken
Farmer Andy
LS Mod Company
fqC Art
Blacksheep Modding
FS-UK Modteam
Mappers Paradise

What's New in Version


Fixed minor bug

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