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Mod Desscription

DriveControl 4.11 version changes:
   - edited by the.geremy
   - change to take in consideration initial config from driveControl.lua file for dedicated server settup

   To configure mod for single player edit driveControl_config.xml in FarmingSimulator2017 folder.
   This file will be created after first load of the savegame where this mod is ebabled.
   To configure mod for multiplayer on dedicated server edit this lines:
      g_currentMission.driveControl.useModules.shuttle = false;      
      g_currentMission.driveControl.useModules.fourWDandDifferentials = true;
      g_currentMission.driveControl.useModules.cruiseControl = true;
      g_currentMission.driveControl.useModules.showNearestFillLevel = false;
      g_currentMission.driveControl.useModules.pipeCam = false;
      g_currentMission.driveControl.useModules.implementControl = false;      
      g_currentMission.driveControl.useModules.softGas = true;
      g_currentMission.driveControl.useModules.variGear = false;
      g_currentMission.driveControl.useModules.freeSteering = false;
      g_currentMission.driveControl.useModules.inching = false;
      g_currentMission.driveControl.useModules.showMotor = false;
   in driveControl.lua file located in this mod zip.
   Edit those lines before you load and use this mod on server otherwise you have to force values from initial config, read lines below.

   Script looks for config file and loads it, when it does not find value for enable or disable module in config file, it looks for value in initial config in driveControl.lua file.
   So the values from config file (driveControl_config.xml) are preferred before values from initial config (driveControl.lua).
   To force values from initial config (driveControl.lua), set variable forceInitialConfig = true in driveControl.lua file.

Test Report

Other Files from the.geremy

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