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FS17 Maypole Seasons Ready 1.0.0

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Mod Desscription

Maypole has a play area of 1x1 in a standard 2x2 map with missions active, and for the most part  is a fictional map with some things made as close to real life as possible. The map features sheep, cows and chickens,  while pig are in the map but outside of the play area so mods that would otherwise cause issue's for missing animals should work without any problems. The map is seasons ready with the grazing mod built into the map (no need to have the script in your mods folder). Unlike Newbie Farm the prices here are default although you do start off with 1 vehicle (a pickup). However the golden nuggets are not to far away and apart from those leading you to them, they are all in one place.


This is a tight little map where small to medium equipment works well and tractors up to around 250hp are the biggest you would need. Due to the size of the map and farm it was decided you would have to buy pallets for seeds and fertilizer and either head to the fuel station and fill up or buy a fuel bowser. Its been a lot of fun making this map and trying to pull myself away from it in game so i could continue to work on it.

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