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FS19 Maypole Farm V2 2.0.0

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Mod Desscription

Maypole has a play area of 1x1 in a standard 2x2 map with missions active, and for the most part  is a fictional map with some things made as close to real life as possible. Easy mode starts you off with a cow pasture and chicken pen (no animals though, well that would be to easy) all the equipment you will need to get going and enough sheds to expand your fleet or sell for extra money. There is a single site that buys everything. 


This is a tight little map where small to medium equipment works well and tractors up to around 250hp. Its been a lot of fun porting this map over and playing it in FS19, i for sure will be putting many hours on this map myself and i look forward to watching anyone's video's on this map as well. 



* Luke159/ Cavalier Roy
* Giants
* Mappers Paradise (BlobbyFarmer)
* Dorset
* NI Modding
* robbie/RWModding
* martinbigM500
* Moppy82
* Realismus Modding
* SteveC
* GRZ3S13K
* Idee
* Jeax
* HubiPL
* Farmer Andy


* Bipolar Prophet
* Farmer Dad
* Reefy
* Moondog
* Peter
* Travis
* Kevin.P
* Drako
* Zig Zag
* Peter
* Travis
* Stew

* txlonghaul21

* Stardog

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


Purchasable plots modified.

Warning error for pixels fixed.

Animal building changed.

Animal buy trigger moved.

Barn sell point moved for easier access and so not to confuse people with other sell points.

Barbed Wire updated.

Road kit updated to 19 textures.

Woodchips sell point fixed (was duplicate). 

Spawn point for jumping to the saw mill fixed.

PDA updated.


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   8 of 8 members found this review helpful 8 / 8 members

Having spent The better part of my life on this map 😉 I can honestly say that this is a very well done map. While my enthusiasm for FS19 might not be as high as some, (mostly due to having an very well established farm in FS17) This map has made me appreciate FS19 even more. Download this RIGHT NOW !! :)

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· Edited by mereman

   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

Like BP I've been playing this map a while both on 17 and 19. Very well made no problems and for me with my liking for smaller equipment perfect.




I've been playing the finished version for over 6 hours now and it looks much better then version 1. I have found no issues at all.

Great work Roy.

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i  like this map well done on a very good map

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· Edited by flash

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Like many others, i much prefer small maps. And this map fits the bill extremely well. i have had fs19 since the release and not bothered playing it as like the other fs games i dont like the base game maps. But this map will give me hours of fun. Many Many thanks to the creator for his time/effort and all his hard work thats gone into making this masterpiece. I would deffinately recomend this map to anyone. Its well worth the download. So what y'all waiting for????????, Hit that download button now!!!!!!!!. P.S _ Keep up the good work my friend. FLASH........

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I do, sometimes, like to start out with small plots.  As in real life though, I'd like the option of clearing fencing/hedgerows to combine fields for more efficiency.  I've noticed some other maps have borders such as this.  Will there be a version of Maypole that can be expanded?  Otherwise, a MOST beautiful map indeed!

Response from the author:

Not in the near future, tbh i was very surprised with the direction giants had gone for this game they didn't give us an option to clean cut hedges and fencing.  

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Without a doubt one of my favorite maps.  I really love these smaller field sized maps for small classic equipment.


Great job!


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