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FS19 EC Farm Silo System

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Mod Desscription

This is the custom farm silo system from the Emerald Coast USA map... first in the FS 2017 version, now redone for the upcoming FS 2019 version of the map.  Now made available as a placeable for those who would like a realistic American style farm silo system for their farms.


The capacity is set to a realistic figure, calculated from the volumes of the bins used in the system.  The capacity per type is 1925400 Liters and the purchase price is a more realistic $1,185,000.00... although IRL this system would likely cost even more.


This silo system holds all the default game grains: wheat, barley, oat, canola, corn, soybean and sunflower... since grain silo systems IRL cannot store cotton or root crops like sugarbeets and potatoes, this one does NOT store those either.


Have fun with it and enjoy, and remember NOT to upload this to other scraper sites please...



Giants              - concepts and triggers
ccs101             - configuration and texture fixes
LWM                 - bin, dryer and building models
Rand0mSprks - grain leg model

What's New in Version   See changelog


corrected missing modDesc.xml statement

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Great Mod, however cannot upload to my server, keeps flagging it as corrupted, I have had a brief look through the logs and files and cannot locate the problem, Hope the Author can fix this soon.

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EvilEyes, download the attached file.  remove the .txt on the end.  say yes to the warning about it changing the file extension.  then place this in the zip file for the mod.  CCS101 left the following out of the modDesc.xml     <multiplayer supported="true"/> which is what  tells the server the mod can be used on the server. Once you do this you can upload the mod to the server and activate it.


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Cheers, I ended up working it out last night, probably should have logged back in and updated my comment, but thankyou anyway.👍

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fixed version uploaded... sorry bout that... seems I had an "old guy" moment and left a little bit out... :)

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