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FS19 Riverview V2 2.0.0

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Mod Desscription

As a young teen you had little to no interest in farming and at the age of 18 you moved into the city. Several years passed since you last spoke to your dad, but one night you received a call saying your dad was on his death bed and was asking for you. Out of respect you went only to find out your dad wanted you to take your rightful place at the farm. In short your dad wanted to make sure the farm remained in the family and he didn't care how you did that as long as the farm wasn't sold or lost. Little did you know how bad the farm had been hit with financial issue's both with the bank and the lack of funds available. Looking through the logs you found over the last 3 years almost every field and most of the equipment had been sold to cover the ever growing debt. What's more you found a notice from the bank stating you had One year to pay off the debt or the farm and all the equipment would be repossessed and sold at auction. Looking further through the logs you found a sealed letter addressed to you, it was clearly old.


In the letter it stated how much your dad had wrestled with his emotions for letting you leave all those years ago and how he wished he could make up for the past. He had wanted what was best for the farm and never took into account what was best for you and he had many regrets for not sitting down and talking about your dreams with you. As you continued to read the letter you could feel your eye's begin to fill up with tears. You look out the window at the now empty chicken pen expecting the Rooster to crow while thinking back to the sounds of the animals and vehicles moving around as your dad and his employee's began work. With emotions running so high you can't help but smile at some of the things you remember and in that instance you say to yourself you owe it to yourself and your dad to make sure the farm remains in your families name.

This map is a standard features an assortment of fields from small to large and very large and all sorts of shapes with s few grass fields. It has many sell points and buyable plots with forestry plots around the map. 



Change Log:

* Most buildings at sell points changed from the older models.

* Bridge to the village on the island changed for a new model.

* Many tree's changed with many new ones added.

" Farmer Mode starting conditions changed, now get a lot of equipment as well as a whole farm with animals and fields to see to.

* Store reset/spawn point for vehicles pulled away from shed to give more room behind it.

* Buyable plots updated to allow for buying many single fields but also expands a little easier.

* Fixed floating tree.

* Fixed grass missing in some locations.

* Fixed woodchips jump point.

* PDA updated.




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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Great map. So far I give it a 7/10, with the missing 3 points being because of the hedges.


1... The hedges limit game play options. Such as expanding/joining fields.


2... The hedges, though look great for the most part, IMO, their overuse diminishes their overall aesthetics. Too much of a good thing doesn't always have a positive result.


I personally don't think they are needed. I could have done without them. That said, great map, i'm definately going to play it through a bit.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Really great well thought out map.  Very interesting to play like both of Roy's maps.  Not your average map, can be very challenging.


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Really nice map, i did remove the hedges cuz i dont like the physics on them. If it was stone walls id understand it but not hedges :) 
Other then that i love it, there is lots of forest and lots of fields in many sizes. I got so much plans for my farm but i get so side tracked  all the time, great fun 😄 

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Another very good map by Cavalier Roy. Good to look at hard to play at the higher levels. A nice tight map just what i like.




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This map is all i need. everything i`m loocking for is here, and when Seasons are ready its going to be even better.

Only thing im missing and it has nothing to do With the map is Massey Ferguson Pack from FS17.  If the pack is converted to FS19 then you got an epic setup. Old Equipment is what this map is ment for. :)

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a well done map awsome Cavalier roy 

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