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Field Status fieldStatus_XMLFiles v15.


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Mod Desscription

Shows status of fields on th emap; crops, growth stages, bales, etc.

What's New in Version fieldStatus_XMLFiles v15.


fieldStatus_XMLFiles v15.4.1 This mod contains xml files to be used with the Field Status mod, v15.x Required mod: [URL]http://fs-uk.com/mods/view/36720/field-status-v15-4[/URL] The xml files contain pre-made "fixed" coordinates that Field Status uses when scanning the fields, and are created here either because the map they belong to doesn't have its fields set up properly and/or completely, or because Field Status can't detect the field for some reason. This happens sometimes if there are patches of grass or other objects in the middle of the field. I hope to make this field detection code better someday. As more maps are converted and/or released, and they need to have "fixed" coordinates created, I will add them to this mod and release it with a new version number.

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