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Mix Feeder V1.0 2015-10-04

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Mod Desscription

Mix Feeder V1.0 by Diesel Boss

What's New in Version 2015-10-04


[IMG]http://mods.fs-uk.com/36737/1443666815_Q0YVp1Wymifmb5nr.jpg[/IMG] Features: [LIST] [*]Must be installed as an object by Giants Editor in the map that MixFeeder.zip easy in the Mods folder [*]There are always required 3 components. The percentages of the feed are adjustable, not 25%, 25%, 50% fixed, but also possible 10%, 30%, 60%. [*]Feeding takes place at certain times, can also be several times a day, eg in the morning at 8 clock, noon and evening by 12 clock by 18 clock. Or only morning and evening. Feeding times can Ingame werden.Es modified tablet, the amount is only taken to feed in the trough, which is actually needed. In 10 cows and 12h between the feeding then for example only 1650L compound feed. Thus only the required amount in the trough, what leads the cows always fresh feed [*]Can start at any time manually, if you have bought, for example, 5 new cows and must bridge the additional requirements until the next fixed feeding time. Access to the feeder from anywhere via Wireless Interactive Control [*]The Mix Feeder will start its expiration and then continues sequentially below the 3 bunker is filled and then moves back to the mixing station where the components are mixed together to compound feed, then he moves forward again to the feed trough and emptied the fodder. Here he calculated from the Abkipplänge (trough length) independently how far he thus opens the feed is distributed over the entire length of the trough. [*]Light while driving at night Feeder (optional), Small Panel on feeder, indicating the current step (optional), warning lights while driving. [*]If something in the way, the feeder will stop automatically and shows up in the small Info Hud (below the clock) to, as if the material level in the hopper is not sufficient for the next feeding. [*]Small Hud is also optional and can be turned off, then you get only in disorders such reference at the top of the image center. [*]Carried out control of the Tablets by the right : Dhand, can be switched off [/LIST] Kurze guide to using the Feeders: If you walk on the road since, you can control the feeder open with Left Ctrl + M + F, then for her on the main page. Ride her with his hand on a symbol (feeder, hopper, Camera), it will be strongly visible and can be selected with a mouse click. App Feeder: Here you can a few settings make the feeder directly relate, for example, on how many cows he should start, and much more. In general, the handling is very simple and should be able to be understood quickly. In the bottom of the tablet you have the right and left arrow, this is used to switch the pages, the Home button brings you back to the home page with the Apps. On page 1 you can now, for example, to adjust from how many cows the feeder to start. For this purpose, you have a line in bold: "Feeding take off", the number behind it is the current setting, in the line below you find your new value. This you can with + and -, if you want to accept the setting, so you have the round button with the arrow button. Already this setting is applied. This type of changes actually runs through the whole control. So also with the value "More needs per feeding", this has the following background. The feeder checked against the number of cows and the time until the next feeding exactly how much feed is required, this amount then he brings out. That is, the next time you feed the trough to 0. Since the feeder but now times his time needs from the start, filling, mix up ZJM empty, can be used this additional requirement so that the trough does not fall to 0, but at 18h z, B 5% are more than necessary in the trough. This value does not add up, called the next morning at feeding time are again 5% and not more ;)10%. It is only the amount applied as necessary, not as much as possible. So if you buy new cows, even let start the feeder manuel and ready. Manueler Start: Simply click on the button and the feeder starts, at least when it is not level the road, then the button is simply white and can not be selected . On page 2 you can then change the feeding times, this is on the top line of the current feeding time in the line below the new setting, this you can again with + and -. Then take again. A Apply is only possible if the round button with the arrow is visible, the feeder feeds straight, then the new times can not be assumed. In the mixing% it's the same Prinizip. Click on the bottom line on the% value and you can change it. In the end result is a different mix changes nothing, means that even if you change the values, so your cows get further real mixed feed, which appears as such on the menu at the fill levels becomes. One can hereby respond but if you have just a little silage shortages, we can see the value down a bit and you're done. Can take you the new values almost always, as long as they add up to 100%. On the third page there are some simple Settin. Here you have only the button with the arrow (Square), the hook is in there, this option is active. In addition, you can also change the number of feedings per day here, a maximum of 3 are possible. Here again + and -. And then take on pages 4 and 5 are simple statistics, here you can advance to plan the next feeding, how much is needed, etc. Or adjust the basis of the statistics of your time so that will spread the same amount at each feeding . In addition, you can see how much of the feeder has been fed, once again based on the current game in the entire career and. The last page is also something to optimize performance. Here you may exhibit some things, such as the small panel on the feeder, or the feeder night drives with light. The little info Hud under the clock can be disabled here. In addition, you can adjust to capacity limitation all bunkers. App Bunker: Eingentlich there are to say the least. Level and type of feed is displayed. In addition, each bunker can be individually switched to capacity limitation. Furthermore, you can buy here the feed component. For this purpose, set the quantity and then click the arrow. After that you get a cost estimate from a Lohnunternehemen. The price is dynamic, it is always fluctuates between 90 and 120%, with 90% also are already above the Giants standard price. So buy a more expensive as sell and buy new. So if you have more than straw, ready to head off into the bunker, a buy is more expensive. In addition, you have to pay an additional freight, this depends on the amount, the less is bought, the higher the surcharge. App SpyCam: The Spycam serves to monitor the feeder. For example, if you receive a warning gets standing somewhat in the way, so you can quickly go see what's going on. Really is something in the way, or is it in MP only a teammate of just watching the feeder. The camera has the picture in picture option or full screen mode. Do you have picture in picture active, so you have to choose whether or not the image is to be updated automatically, if so, after what time. You may play it at any time update manually when the camera is visible, then click on the bottom right in the corner on the update icon. Top in the middle you will switch to the cameras. Pictured top left under the logo you can see how many cameras are installed and which is active 1/8, (installed cameras, camera 1 active), plus when the camera was last updated times. In addition, you can lower right of the screen with a Save by clicking on the camera take a screenshot, these images are saved in folders in MixFeeder_Camera screenshots folder. The folder created himself. The settings in the Camera as regards updating, also has something to do with the performance. Who has a weaker computer, time can easily hosch provide some or switch to full screen mode. A giant Finally, thanks to everyone who helped me in this project and supported me. A special thanks go of course to the company GEA, which was enthusiastic about this project from the very beginning and has made the support accordingly. Thank you !!! In addition to all those who helped with models and textures: Finally, a thank you to the person but there was always still, when I needed time. Have fun with the mod you want Bluebaby210 and all mod-Portal Team! This mod requires the latest version of the MapBuyableObject mod to work properly: [URL]https://mod-portal.com/forum/filebase/index.php/Entry/621-Map-Buyable-Object-V3-3/[/URL] Link to test map with feed mixer already installed: [URL]https://mod-portal.com/forum/filebase/index.php/Entry/623-Mix-Feeder-Beispielmap/[/URL] [B]The MixFeeder.zip Should be available for download anywhere, but only with original Download Link![/B] [SIZE=5][B]Credits[/B][/SIZE] Bunker: SoftFOX, BigM Mixing station: m4pj3cts Stall: Timber (stall to grab Thank you for sharing with the in the coming Mapper Kit) 131 Rails: BigM, Xentro Feeder: manni_112, SoftFOX, BigM Script: Bluebaby210 [ATTACH=full]571[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]572[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]573[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]574[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]575[/ATTACH]

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