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  • Our picks

    • Welcome to Banco Island (Bank Island in English) located just a few miles south of Ponta Delgada, of the island Sao Miguel in the Azores...

      An entrepreneurish billionaire, on a whim, has recently transformed one of the rocky "islands" south of Sao Miguel into, of all things, a farm... what was a passing fancy for him is now yours...
      Are you up to the challenge?
      This map is based on the general concept and basic dem of the old FS 2011 map, Beaver Island V1 by JD6820Driver, but totally re-imagined and redesigned for FS 2017.  It is designed to be different from the typical FS style map...
      As in the Azores, sheep are very popular, they are present on this island as well... there is no grass trough to feed them with, the grazing mod handles this for you.  Also, there is no water trough to fill, as the pasture is on a 45 degree slope... so the water trough mod handles the watering for you as well... if/when the grass dies down, or if/when your sheep population outgrows the capacity of the pasture, you can supplement their grass diet with hay bales.  The bale shredder feeder is located at the top of the hill right next to the large windmill, which powers your farm and facilities...
    • I have always enjoyed playing FPS games especially after playing Battlefield 2142 many years ago, and since that first game of online mayhem I played many many hours of COD and all its variants as well as most of the Battlefield series. But I got fed up with some of the decisions the game makers made and seriously fed up with the attitude and hacking from quite a large part of the gaming community to the extent that I basically have not really played any since the early days of Battlefield 4, just the occasional foray back in to BF3. For me although these games are FPS I still liked to think and play tactically and try and use the terrain to my advantage rather than just gun and run but the games have never really allowed you to do this effectively until possibly now with BF5 on the horizon (October 2018). These guys in the second video talk about the cool stuff we can do in this new version of the BF series
      I love the idea of squad play with the added befit of being able to prepare proper defences and move heavy equipment around on the battle ground, I know we are a Sim game community but if anyone is interested in joining a PC-SG squad to play some war simulation instead of ploughing a field then lets me know I'll grab my rifle and park the JCB in the barn for a few hours
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    • PC-SG Hopbauch Server
      Fun multiplayer members only server.
      Map Changed to Stappenbach 25 Years fully loaded with equipment.
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    • Came across this on you tube, worth a look
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    • Hello you all. So yesterday was the release of Pure Farming 2018. And I decided to give it a go and live stream at the same time. 
      For me it did not start wery good the game crashes the first 6 attempt to start it. But I did not give up and we were of playing the game. For me I like the story and some of the features of that game. But I am having a big problem with the key bindings in the game. You can’t make your own key bindings because the game developers decided that we are not going to have that in the game. 
      And you can only have the G29 steering wheel program to the game at the moment. 
      And a x box controller.  So if you have G27 steering wheel you can’t use it sadly or any other wheels. 
      But from all of that I enjoy the game because it has some nice features. Like the machines can brake down on you and you need to fix them.   And the do get dirty so need to be cleaned. You do work for other farmers to but for that you use your own machines to do that. And that is what I like most about it. 
      So so that is how far I did get yesterday. I will add more to this as soon I have played the game more and tested the animals and green houses and more. 
      Is the game worth buying I cannot answer that for you. Take a look at my live stream and make up your own mind 😊. BR Ice 
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