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Jim Estep ( Scoops )

Our Group's Youtube Page

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Greetings everyone...or as we say here in Ohio....HI Ya'all !!!

This is just to let you know, that this awesome community, now has their own YouTube page !!!!! yay us !!!!

I set it up...but, I don't think I should be the only person to upload here. So, that being said...if you would like a video uploaded...and you still have it saved to your HD...please , go ahead and up load it. You will need permission to do it, and that would be to send me an email, so I can add your email to the permissions list. If you already have a video, but would rather I do it, and be prepared sometimes for a short wait until it happens. This summer, wasn't supposed to be busy, but I just found out, my Disaster Response Team with the American Red Cross, is working with the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July. There will be alot of driving and getting things ready for this. As, I am only able to drive ( mobility issues ) they will probably call on me to move things to the staging area....but...that will cut into my time to upload...and that is why I need your help!


Some of the things I would like ( I don't think I have the authority to make rules) to see

Every upload by a person, has to be done so to their own playlist...very easy to do

Every video must have the PC-SG overlay, with a link in the description , if you need to know how to make an overlay...here.....[media]


If you need the overlay, it is available on this site !!!

If you want help to upload from YT...there is a way to do this...atube catcher, can help

If I do it...I want permission to do so, this way no one from YT can say we are stealing videos.


Thanks everyone !!! Let's have fun with this. No matter what the sim game is FS15...ATS, ETS2, or even wreckfest.....let's post the vids here too, and grow out community!


Oh BTW... www.youtube.com/channel/UC6lWsKofx7HwV4uaZuHrI4w

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Thank you @Scoops for taking the time to set this upAgnes Overjoyedthis gives me a good excuse to get gaming again and map making, not done any map making for weeks and only had time for a couple of hours on Prison Architect this week. You need to explain what I need to do with the google business thing you sent me the other dayMinion Amazed as I was a bit Minion Evil Run do I do here:D:D:D

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