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Something you said about leaving the accreditations in does bring up a question for me though. I've been working on my first map mod and like most map mods I rely pretty heavily on asssests that I've either found in other maps or found on one of the mod download sites. In most cases I know who to credit but what is the acceptable means of providing that credit?


Is the accepted practice to list the credits in the maps modDesc.xml or should they be listed elsewhere. How specific should the credits be? Can I say, for instance, "assets provided by Andy, Steve, and Giants" or do I need to be specific about who provided what.


Another question I have is about converting placeables so that they can be implemented as objects in GE. I've done this with several mods that are provided to the public as placeables. Is giving credit to the author of the placeable sufficient or do I need permission from the author as I have technicals modified thier mod.


I realize there may not be one way that makes everyone happy but are there any generally accepted practices to ensure credit is given where due?

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Thanks Wonko, I'll give the idea of hosting it here some thought. Would it be possible to submit it to the site for beta testing rather than as a released mod? I'll probably be looking to do a round of beta testing in a week or so.

I mean the description on the sites you upload to, we would be very happy to host it here for youThumbsup

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