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The Monkey Show Presents The Farming Simulator Olympics

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Article or Review Author Bipolar Prophet

Bipolar Prophet Gaming and The Monkey Show are proud to present the First Annual Farming Simulator Olympics. To be held on August 20th 2017 beginning at 2PM EST A fun way to showcase your Farming Simulator skills, have a laugh and maybe win a prize. The Monkey Show has worked very hard to design and test the challenges and we can say that they will be challenging. The Event will be held on a custom map created by The Monkey Show and will feature only 4 mods. As with everything we do, this is meant to be fun and light-hearted.

The Challenges

1. Plowing Plowing in a straight line with connected furrows is indeed a skill and with 64 channels of multi-terrain angle installed on the map it's even more of a challenge.

2. Bale Stacking and Reversing  Stacking bales is also a skill as is reversing a dolly bale trailer. This one is in my opinion the hardest challenge and should make for the most fun.

3. Forestry  Cut down two trees, cut them into logs, load them onto the in-game Stepa log trailer and drive them to an unload point. simple right? Wait and see.....

4. Last Vehicle Standing Race There is a fantastic and slightly insane "race track" around the map. This challenge is really just for fun and it is truly a blast to try and keep your truck on this track....

As I said, this is meant to be fun and light hearted  be prepared to laugh and be laughed at all in good -natured fun. I cannot promise that it will always be "G" rated but I can promise no one will go out of their way to be offensive or vulgar.

Thanks for taking the time to check out The Monkey Show Presents The Farming Simulator Olympics. A overview video of the event along with sign up information can be found HERE

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