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Poll for map change on the PC-SG Multiplay Server

Poll for map change on the PC-SG Multiplay Server  

14 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. TWO PART POLL: Please choose a map from the following, then choose wether you want to play as a seasons map or not.

    • Orgeon Springs by Richard - NLD Farmers
    • Gorale by Rafik i Gimcio!
    • Stappenbach by LS Modcompany
    • West Coast by BulletBill
  2. 2. Seasons yes or no.

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  • Poll closed on 01/10/17 at 09:46

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This is a two part poll for all members of pc-sg, you need to vote for a map and then if you want to play that map with seasons or not.

The pc-sg server is provided for all our members to use by Icelandic farmer and Johnny Vee and is up 24/7 unless any updates are being applied including mods.

Please take a few seconds to cast your vote, and if you have not already join and do some multiplayer farming, its a great way to spend some free time with likeminded farming nuts MinionCurious MinionHappy

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3 hours ago, GreymantleOne said:

What about mods?

We will be using our standard mods we use in our live streams, there will be a link posted for the map and mods that we use. 

These mods we use are tried and tested to be fault free and accepted by the dedicated server.

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