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For quite a while now @Toranion @Johnny Vee and myself have been working on 3 new maps, this is the first map W.I.P that will be posted.

This map is for our friend  @Icelandic Farmer and is based on his farthers farm back in Iceland, the landscape is acurate as Ian did a proper Dem map for us to work from, 90% of the ditches are in the map :Banghead so you will have to be carefull as you drive around as there are no fences to stop any unexpected swims Facepalm( There will be Cows, pigs, sheep and possibly some production, we will only be using the crops that are farmered in Iceland, all our maps will be as close to life as we can make them while still making them enjoyable to play, so here are a few images of Hjaltastadhur (please dont ask me to pronounce it, thats a job for ice)


bandicam 2017-10-28 16-30-00-514.jpg

bandicam 2017-10-28 16-31-13-690.jpg

bandicam 2017-10-28 16-31-25-712.jpg

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