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Early Access Game Farmer's Dynasty

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This is a interesting new take on farming sim games, well worth the look in my opinion, I have pasted the blurb from steam to wet your appetites and Dagerwin has done a series of videos on this already. The early access is out tomorrow (14th December) and I will be getting it as it dose look very good.




FARMER’S DYNASTY – the unique REAL-LIFE SIMULATION offers a totally new farming simulation experience and mixes elements of a Life Simulation and Role-Playing with a classical Farming Simulation game.

Remember the good old days visiting your grandfathers farm? The time when you were sitting on your grandfathers tractor together with him driving around and working on your fields. You are back on your farm now. The past years have been full of work for you in the city but you still remember the good old times when you dreamt of being a farmer. This dream is still in your heart: Rebuilding grandfathers farm again and building your own Dynasty – let’s make it come true!

LIVE a real farmer’s life, BUILD up your farm, your life, your family and FARM your fields!


A unique mix of building, farming and life simulation

Repair, rebuild and expand your farm

Interact with the extensive Open World and collect Social Points

Follow unique characters through special quest lines

Control original machines and tractors

Why Early Access?

“Farmer’s Dynasty is a game with a vision. What we, UMEO Studios and Toplitz Productions, want to achieve with this game is breaking up old habits and genre stereotypes that are fixed components within the “Simulation” genre. Building up a complex and huge-as-possible life simulation, with RPG elements like questing, is an involved and large scoped task.

As it was always getting harder to make cuts feature-wise, we finally decided that we need the community involved – getting a grasp of their view on features, balancing and overall feel. Releasing the game in Early Access will greatly help to get the game where we want it to be: We want to deliver a long-lasting experience not for the hardcore simulation player, but for everyone who is enjoying a complex, visually stunning open world game.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“We plan to end the Early Access phase in February 2018.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“The full version is planned to differ from the Early Access version in the following points:


We are planning to add more comfort features:- Fixed quick travel points, beside using your machinery as mobile entry points.
- More in-depth machinery and product management.
- Satisfying helper / worker system. You will be able to hand down tasks to NPCs that will get your fieldwork done – even in a visual way.


We are planning to add a level system coupled with perks to easy up your work. E.g. faster growth of green house plants, increased repairing speed. The player should have the feeling to grow and get smarter and craftier throughout the game. In addition, we are planning to add additional side quests and varied ways to earn more money and social points.


We are planning on an in depth environmental AI system with which we will have AI traffic and neighbours working on their fields. Additionally we are planning to add some wildlife.


We are planning to add more freetime activities. First breakdown will be the addition of picking wild mushrooms and berries, which can either be consumed or sold.


We are planning to add a nice SUV-like family vehicle to explore the vast world. We also plan to add vehicle customization. At least the user will be able to apply certain colour patterns / skins to his machinery.”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“We have broken down the current status of the Early Access version into the following points:


All basic questlines are implemented – the storyline is built around the main character inheriting a run-down farm from his grandfather.


Farmer’s Dynasty is set on 16 square kilometre Middle European open world in which the user can roam around and pick up different quests, tasks and activities or can also work completely on his own and for his own goals.


You will find a dozen of unique character throughout the world. Beginning with your helpful neighbour Oliver up to John the merchant selling his goods across the street. Most of these are already fully voiced in English and German.


In its core, Farmer’s Dynasty is still a Farming Simulation. This means you can plow, cultivate, fertilize and seed the 85 naturally aligned fields within the world – presumed you already have the starting capital. You are able to grow four different types of grain (Wheat, Maize, Barley, and Canola) and vegetables (peas, soy, and lupine). Of course, you will also be able to sow grass to feed your livestock. Within your own greenhouse, you are able to plant additional vegetables: zucchini, tomatoes and pumpkins.In addition, the user can own livestock (cows and chicken) producing milk and eggs that can either be sold or used to make delicious home cooked meals to satisfy your characters basic needs (hunger and sleep).


We have an in-depth social system in place. For each quest you fulfill for a NPC your “social bond” will be increased with this particular character. Increasing your “bond” will also be possible by meeting up with NPCs in social places and having daily chitchat. In addition, it is possible for the player to date, marry and even have kids with a chosen NPC from within the vast open world.


We also have an in-depth system for renovating buildings. This covers your own farm with all its different buildings, as well as NPC buildings, which you will be able to repair in different quests. You are able to apply different materials to different surfaces, for which most of them will have unique tools in use and satisfying animations.


The user can relax in social spaces where NPCs are present and will be able to do freetime activities. Currently fishing is implemented.”

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“We are not planning to increase the price after release. Everyone should be treated the same, but be sure we will forever be grateful for the interaction and feedback we will get from our EA users.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“The community always is, and should be, a corner stone of game development. We would like to hear critical feedback about overall features, balancing and look and feel of this game. As our target is to break up with habits of the Simulation genre, making it less of a chore but rather a relaxed story- and quest driven game with a simulation core we really need some hands-on feedback to make our vision and ideas come to life.

Our designers and community managers will always be present in the steam forums to track down your feedback, bug reports and ideas.”

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I have about 2 hours in and so for I like it very much, it's to early to say its a winner and it won't stop me playing fs17 but I do enjoy it.

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Well I bought it too, downloaded and installed but it wont run on my PC. I did a little searching on the support forum and low and behold it wont work with windows 7.

The developers are trying hard to fix it and bring in a patch so it will work, they have found out why.

So for me I have to wait to see what its like :(


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I've watched a few of Daggerwin's videos from a few weeks ago and watched his most recent.  I do like the concept but will admit I'm a bit gun shy after my CnC experience.  In addition, I'm disappointed the devs behind Farmer's Dynasty haven't decided (as of a message on Steam a few days ago) to add wheel support.  I'm guessing an Xbox type controller will work now, but here's another example of a simulation based game which has some element of driving (or operating vehicles) and not thinking having wheel support is important.  



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I'm also holding back after Farm expert and Pro farmer::)). I can't afford to throw any more money away:Banghead

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To be honest I love the game already and it's nowhere near finished.  I agree wheel and peddle controls should have been added but from what I read from the dev's that will come as is many many other things. This is no Farm Expert as I to was ripped of by that game too, but Farmers Dynasty is a real time sink and I feel the closest so far to a real simulation for farmers.. Cant wait for the new update's to come but enjoying what its got so far.

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Agree with the previous positive posts. Found myself quickly engaged in the game and ended up spending a lot of time just wanting to fix that one more thing to get going. It's different from other farm simulators thus far which makes for a nice diversion.  I did however spend quite a bit of time trapped in the barn as I had put scaffolding all around the building which blocked the doors out, and then proceeded to fall through the roof I was fixing and couldn't exit. I won't spoil it for others who may be as clumsy, by saying how I finally got out.


As with any release, it's all about the long-term support and commitment by the devs to fix and improve. But so far I am willing to invest into this title to see where it goes.  After all who doesn't want to be known as a "Dynasty".:)

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