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I have finally decided to purchase a wheel as I have started playing more racing titles and my XBox One controller is just not cutting it.  Looking to start IRacing and know a wheel is a necessity.  I would to hear which wheel everyone is using and what you would recommend for me.  I have tried to find a used Logitech G27 but the ones that I find on Craigslist are just ridiculously priced for a used wheel.  I've considered the updated G920 and possibly a Thrustmaster T300.  The Thrustmaster series wheels are definitely more upgradeable, but realistically will I ever need to upgrade my pedals? Don't really know why the difference between 900 and 1080 degree wheels.  Most new wheels are now 1080 degree rotation.  So any suggestions or recommendations are appreciated.

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As the G920 is the same works (in the main) as the G27 it could be a good bet. A lot of the wheels you can set the rotation you want, well you can on the G27.

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