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Icelandic Farmer

Gold Rush The Game

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Well most of you may have heard of the tv series on discovery channel. Where they show a group of men going to Alaska to find gold. So if you have then you know what this game is all about. 


But if you have not then I will try my best to tell you ?

You start with just 200 dollar in your pocket and an old pickup truck in Alaska. 

You need to go to the bank to rent a claim to dig for gold. 

In town you have the bank and supply store and big machine sale where you can buy different brands and kind machines. 

When you get to the claim you have the basic things to dig out gold by hand. 

When you have enough money you can then go and buy machinery to dig the gold out. 



What do I think about this game?  Well I do like it and it is fun. You need to do many things by hand to get things to work. 

But the game is still very buggy and need more work. You can have a steering wheel and joystick to play with. The problem with that is you need to unplug all controls out of the pc before you start the game the plug in 1 of the controls map it then get out of the game unplug it start the game up and repeat that on all your controls. 


The are are going to release a dlc on 19 of January som new machines and what I have seen I like. But the game have not changed much since the released it. 


Hope this is some help for you that have thinking of to buy it is it worth the money? I think so it’s not expensive and if you like sandbox game this is maybe something for you ?

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