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Mp-management by kevink98

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Mp-management by kevink98


Hello everybody:

This has been a very big and long project for the team and hard to get in a position to provide it, to all our fellow pc-gamers.
We will really appreciate that you test the mod and also provide some user experience or bugs that you could find. 

Thanks in advance

Prom - LSModCompany




MP-Manager - the great multiplayer expansion
With this mod, the multiplayer is finally realistic! You can simulate several farms. There is also the opportunity to gamble with a contractor. Each player is assigned to a court. Thus, you have the opportunity to lead a separate accounting.


Thanks to my friends for the support
Lastly, I want to thank at some. Eribus has created many great textures. Mach1-Andy and ralfrhoen for testing. TyЯiOn for the texts and for providing its Google spreadsheet! In addition to K1D , aicwebmike , and Miniarun for their financial support of the 2 LS-key's  


To download the file, you need to register in our web  https://ls-modcompany.com/login 
To facilitate translation to English, I recomend you to open with edge and use this plugin

And select automatic translation from German to English. Then you can navigate and follow all conversations.
Please remember to write in German if you make any query or comment using Bing translator

Important notes
This is a test version!
The probability that errors occur is very high!
Please enter the errors you found in the bug tracker (Mp-Manager)! Also suggestions can be submitted
Required mods
It is mandatory to use FarmingTablet in version

Important notes 
Adds the mod only in your Mod Folder if you want to really get a good gamble.
The scripts take influence on the game, even when the app is not configured or is not used.

A configuration is needed to use the app. How you can find out under the item configuration.
The configuration may make only one person! Several at the same time!

Buy apps 
The MP Manager consists of two apps:
MP management   Price: € 10,000
TechFarmFinanz     Price: € 5,000

Both are available in the Appstore by the FarmingTablet:

A configuration is required for the use of the functions.

This is integrated into the MP-management app and will start when you press Ctrl Z :


Now can be started by clicking on "Start configuration":
Note that only one person can make the configuration!

General information 
There is currently no way to make changes at a later date. This is only realized in the admin area.

However it is possible by hand in the carrerSavegame.xml to change something. However, this is not recommended!
The names that you specify in the configuration must be the same as the in-game name of individual players (more under "details of names")!
It always more can be specified by name. To separate the names with a comma and a space ("," without the quotation marks). Can make it look like this: "Max, Florian" (without quotation marks). You can see examples on the following pictures.
To access the pages, you must click on the individual buttons. To complete the configuration, you must click the hoe blades.
It is recommended to comply with the order of the pages. So start with page 1 and stop at page 4. However you can back always if you forgot what.

Details of the name 
To use the app, it is assuming that the name is specified correctly. Each player puts a name before joining in the game:
The name "Admin1" would be in this picture. Just as this must be specified in the configuration (see E.g. image at "First page").

First page 

First, you must specify the administrators. These can be E.g. other lodges and add players (yet implemented!).

Multiple administrators can be listed here.

Under it, the password is set. This is later used to get into the admin area.

The password is the same for all admins

Second page 

On the next page, it sets all players first. As already written in "General information", the name must be identical with the in-game name.

Otherwise, you will not be able to access any vehicle

In the Middle, it sets whether or not to play with a contractor. The contractor company can contract you and you will be paid accordingly.

With this system, you keep alive play-ability and competition as the contractor is like the government that provide subvention or grants.  

Except that the contractors first is listed. If there are ideas on the subject of contractors, this writes please in the issue tracker as a proposal.

Lastly, considering the individual farms. You have to write here the names that will be used in the future.

Also here you must write and number your farms with a "comma and space" in order to be specified (see General information).

Third page 
Now we come to the Division.

It divides in the upper table, each player belong to which court.
In the table below, it sets who should be the head of the Court. The Court head gets later more possibilities (rights), such as adjusting prices, etc.

Fourth page 

As a final step, you only sets the contractor (if there is one) and the individual farms should start with what seed capital.

Complete the installation 
Everything is set, you can click on the hook (in addition to the 4). Now can be started to gamble! Have fun!  

MP Manager 
This is the home page of the MP-management app:

Here, an overview man currently has, how much capital each farm has.

Important: Currently, not all buttons are unlocked. Currently, only two are functional:
Here it is always on the home (pictured above)
Change Admin
Remove Admins hinzugügen,
Players add, remove, modify
Courts add, remove, modify
Bookings (seen first button left top) 
Access to the portion of "Reservations"

The other button are placeholder. The matching functions for this will be.

There is a small Info page, where important things / innovations, etc. in there are:

The Administrationbreich is there to make changes to the data. Before you can change something, you have to log in first. This can however only, if one is listed as admin.

Change Admin 
Add admin 
Remove admin 
Other players 
Add players 
Remove teammates 
You can also delete players.
Change player 

Add farms 
Remove farms 
Change farms 

Assign booking summary / bookings 
All money input and outputs are documented under the 'Bookings' area. On the first page, you can see all bookings for his court.
As an example, I bought a Massey Ferguson (MF5600). The amount is deducted from the account of the Court and marked as red number:

But not every input or output assignable to a court. This is the case, then this will be listed under "Open items":

To then assign the appropriate value to his court, must be clicked just right in the relevant line on the button.

Classification of vehicles, animals and placeable objects (not completely finished!) 
For maintenance costs, it is important that you share the vehicles, animals, and placeable objects. In the first trial, this part is not completely finished. Currently it is only possible to classify vehicles:


All vehicles are listed left. There you can assign the courts by means of the buttons. Right, where is the vehicle currently is (red dot).

Important: One must divide the vehicles. Getting into vehicles is only when the vehicle is associated with the farm. Otherwise, a warning message will appear.

On the first page of the app, there is an overview of invoices and payments.

Top left: Listed are only unpaid bills.
Top right: Collection of the most recently written invoices.
Bottom left: Collection of the most recently received transfers.
Bottom right: Collection of most recently written referrals.

Furthermore there are everywhere still count.

A new account to create, click the left button top right.

At the top in the middle one indicates, to which court the invoice is to be sent.

Then you can. Entries set. This includes everything in the right column is set. Above one indicates what it is. Each performance is counted differently:
After hours: 
To do this all the way down to increase hours.
to number: 
Also see below increase the number.
After acres: 
Here, a field must be selected in place. Since, then, depending on the number of hectares of the price is automatically calculated.

Important: It is not, whether the selected performance hours or number of hectares. However one can derive that. Has to do with fields, is mostly hectares, the rest above a certain number. But you can tell pretty quickly, if the price is not increased.

Everything is set, then you can add the entry via the button below. According to this principle, you can add as many items to the invoice.

With "Create invoice", the invoice is created and sent the chosen court.

In which you left click on the middle button to get an overview of all bills.

Then you can see the preserved bills left. They are sorted there in paid and unpaid.
Right, you can see the written accounts.
On both sides, small buttons are right of the table. So you can look at the Bill. The invoice is not paid, then you can pay also (see view).
This invoice is a written invoice. It has listed all the entries again.
If invoices are not paid, then the page has an additional button 'transfer'. With a click of the button you reach the payment page. There, everything is filled out (addresses and amount).

A transfer can be created by clicking on the right button top right.

There, it is then up to whom you want to send money.
Under there then the desired amount. After clicking on "Send", the transfer is sent.

Of course, you have an overview of all transfers.
Left the preserved and right the required transfers are listed.

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  • Features
    The large multiplayer expansion
    Finally, it is possible to simulate different courtyards with their own staff. If desired, there is also a possibility to have a external contractor.


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4 hours ago, Wonko said:

@Johnny Vee would this work for our multiplayer streams?


May be good mate, we could try it on oregan springs friday night. We have decided to let you teach us how to use it :) Happy) Kiss) Laugh)

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This has me super excited.  Eager to see its further development and eventual use on an upcoming project.

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