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Howdy Ya'all!  I wanted to let you all know I just started a new multiplayer.  This is not an official PCSG multiplayer, hence the reason I posted this under announcements and not pcsg multiplayer.  You can find my multiplayer as "CountryBoy Dedi Server" in the international section.  The map is Mills County, and the password is "mills."  Hope to see you there!

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Your more than welcome to create a post in the Members Server area.Thumbsup)

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   I tried getting into your Mills County server, but I am having issues with 3 mods not matching yours:  I even searched the internet to find the older versions to match yours.  I did find matching versions,  but I'm wondering if the file names may not match.  can  you provide a dropbox link for these 3?   GPS 5.01, Drive Control 4.02 and Summers Disc



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