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Why I'm Done With ModHub

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So... I've recently uploaded my first map to giants mod hub (Crawford Farms). The initial testing for version was a little frustrating... I think it got kicked back 3, maybe 4 times. But really I was okay with that. With it being my first map, I was expecting it to fail for things that I had overlooked, or things I didn't know they would check for. Thankfully I have other mod friends who have released to modHub, so they gave me a heads up for things like mipMaps (although I still missed a few). And that's okay, because at the end of the day I knew I was putting out a better product. 

Two things however that really frustrated me about the original upload was that I wasn't able to sign my signature to the bottom of my modDesc. It is in the guidelines that it fails for this but I put in a submission comment a couple of examples where better know modders were granted permission. This is the first example of bias towards new modders. The second example that my mod is listed as BETA. Why? No one has given me a reasonable explanation as to why. 

Now... move on to version Note the changelog:


Changelog: V1.0.0.1
- Fixed seasons mod snow issue
- Added trigger markers for fuel station and repair point at main farm
- Lowered floating trigger marker at BGA
- Removed snow from inside greenhouse
- Fixed description. Map does not support sugar cane at this point in time.
- Reduced file size
- Replaced fuel station at main farm so you no longer need to run the AAA_UPK Mod-ready
- Note: if you have stored fuel at this location it is suggested that you put it into a trailer before updating or all fuel will be lost.

Even after 100's of hours of testing, both by myself and other individuals, I missed a fairly major issue when using seasons, or the fact that the game crashed with the straw add-on enabled. So within two weeks of the original sent giants version with the above change-log. It's been kicked back to me four times now. Keep in mind that this isn't a major update, it's just bug-fixes. However now it is continually failed for DXT3 compressions, thumbs.db, and a couple other small items.  Here's where the in-consistancy comes in... all these DXT3, and thumbs.db were in version On top of that, they're not listed as failures in the guidelines unless going for console. So why fail me for it now? Either fail it on the first version, or fail it when I plan to go for consoles, which I HAD planned on doing (knowing that it would need some serious re-vamps for console). Bottom line is I'm trying to get a major bug fix out and that's been held back by three weeks.

This may seem like a rant, and that I'm a Giants hatter. That's not the case. I very much respect giants and what they have created. And I originally wanted to upload to Giants, because one, the map would see more traffic, and two, because I wanted there scrupulous testing process. I want to release a good quality product! However the inconstancy in the testing process and general bias towards new modders has me shacking my head. So why release this forum post? Because I felt it necessary to communicate why they've just lost another modder versus just dropping off the face of the earth, and them just thinking another modder hung their hat. The reasons I have posted have surely made others give up on modHub, and lack of communication kills.

All for now,

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Sorry you have had such trouble, I suspect some of it is down to English not being their first language, Giants have differently improved their public communications over the past 2 years now may be its time for them to take a look at the communications on the modding side as well.

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