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Solid Fertilizer Directly to Trailer

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Hi all,

I have to questions:

1, Is there any station for FS17 with solid fertilizer that can put solid fertilizer directly to trailer?

2, How it is possible to add to the traffic non standard vehicles, for example tractor like it is in Oakfield farm?

Thank you. 

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23 hours ago, Johnny Vee said:

Most fertilizer and seeds purchase points will fill a trailer by pressing R


@Johnny Vee  It is possible only for machines like spreaders and seeders, but to put solid fertilizer to trailer, you have to buy bags and then put their content to trailer wit loaders or with tractor with front loader.


@Ken_2_farmer - thanks for advice, i will try.

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Ok not sure what your doing but as I said you CAN fill from standard fill points, small demo attached



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Johnny, what would it take to convert the AR frame service module to have three capacities for fertilizers and seed ?

It wouldn't need to be large , say 10K or less for each. There would be no need to change the visual part of the frame module just the scripting. That way player made seed and fertilizer from the machines could be taken to the field to refill sowing machines.


I use the GTX truck AR Frame and service trailer for fuel and options already, and this would make the perfect set.

I've gotten so old and sick (70s) I'm not much good at understanding the new coding of FS 17,  I've been fooling with FS since FS09. I can give a lot of help in testing




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