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'Love Is Dead' Has Love For Pets Enduring Even In Undeath

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Love is Dead follows a pair of kindly zombies just trying to reunite with their beloved pets. Your job is to ensure that the pair get across some dangerous locations safely, moving through graveyards, volcanoes, and art galleries (which can be KINDA dangerous) as you help this loving pair of corpses get back to their animals.

Coming back from the dead to snuggle your pets is a far better reason to revive than brain-eating, isn't it?

You'll be given a pair of zombies (with your choice of pronouns for the undead couple) who are placed in various puzzling situations that they'll need to escape together. Dogged by drills, ghosts, pirates, and many more problems across three-hundred colorful landscapes, you'll have to bring the couple back together despite these hazards, joining in love somewhere safe on the map. As you bring these two together despite all of the dangers and mishaps, you'll keep getting closer to the pets you've lost.

Love is Dead creates an affection for its seemingly-simple protagonists and their pets in a hurry, drawing the player in to their plight in this cartoonish, cheerful land. With its message of love surpassing death, it weaves a hopeful story of connections that can't be broken by anything. No giant drills will be keeping me from my dog, that's for sure.

Love is Dead is available for $11.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Curiobot, you can head to the developer's site, the game's site, or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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