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GrizzlyBearSimsGiants Farming Simulator 19 News

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You know the saying, “hell will freeze over before” ______________ (insert what ever comment).  Ladies, Gentlemen and Children of all ages….things are starting to get a bit chilly in the devils playground because I woke this morning to the news that John Deere will be included in Farming Simulator 19 due to release sometime this fall.

As I typed on Discord this morning, “It’s 5:20 AM, the hotel coffee is weak today…but OMG. History certainly was made today. John Deere and cotton. WOW…Just WOW. What exciting news. Now hopefully the next time we see anything regarding FS19 it will be actual game footage as I’m not a big fan of CGI”.

So I had my shower and I watched the trailer again.  But I’m still not trusting things….on my way to the office I managed to get lost (briefly) then find myself, to get lost briefly again in search of coffee before finally making my way into the office.  With a good, strong cup of coffee in hand (and pouring down throat) I watched the trailer one more time.  Yep…it’s really, really true.  John Deere is coming to FS19.

This is really awesome news.  While I’m fully aware we PC users have always had JD green equipment to choose from, and pretty much every single map I’ve ever played (once I was introduced to mods) have had at least one green tractor or other green piece of equipment installed, not all John Deere mods are created equal.  As a matter of fact, some of the poorest performing mods I’ve ever come across have been John Deere.  So with Giants now having a license to distribute John Deere equipment in FS19 it most likely will mean a much more reliable set of JD equipment which will truly benefit us all.

Hang on a minute…let me watch this just one more time…..

OK…I’m satisfied I’m not dreaming.  Here’s the CGI trailer revealing John Deere.  Enjoy….I need to get to work now.

From the San Francisco Bay Area….have a fantastic day!


Watch this video on YouTube.


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