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Forager pipe effects

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Anyone have any idea how to get the pipe effects to work on a forager if it has capacity?  For some reason the pipe effects are invisible.

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Ok was able to get this to work. Had to add “delay 2” in to the pipe section in the vehicles xml. I also figured out how to make the pipe have 3 positrons. When u unfold it, it goes to the right and points to the ground, the next step points to the left, then when I hit the button the 3rd time it goes back to the folded position. Gtx made an awesome script that shows the status of the pipe. When I added the 3rd state (position) the default pipe lua wouldn’t pull in the pipe control. I love people like gtx that will take the time to make these things possible. It seems so simple, but makes it very cool. 

Now u can unload a forager with capacity just like a combine into a silo, or dump product on the ground, or in a bunker. 

I added these functions to my sugarcane pack and uploaded a modded version of the in game krone to my site with motor options along with capacity. 

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