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Help With MapMaking

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I am still relatively new to the community, but I've been messing around with GE for a little bit now, making small edits to maps here and there to get "my feet wet" with the program.. So I am familiar with the terrain sculpting, painting, moving objects, adding objects in, etc..


I've always been interested in Level Design, and I was thinking as a start to the process, branching out and making my own map would be a great way to get started. I initially thought about a Goldcrest Edit, but from what I can tell, those have been done to death, most noteably by DajNet.. (I can't get enough of his PV17 maps)

I then thought about a Sosnovska Edit, but once again, it would appear those are being done currently as well..  I'm just lost on where to start. I mean, it looks like it's going to be from scratch, but does anyone have any decent resources on Map Making?

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You need to sign up to the Giants developer network, this will give you some help on the basics along with the Giants video tutorials, but google with youtube will be  your guide to learning the dark art of map making and of coarse ask questions here we do have a few very knowledgable members.

One good starting point is to take a map you like but that has a few things that your not happy with and edit them out making it your own, just remember to keep it private unless you have permission to release from the original author, thats it you will be hooked and can never play another map with out wanting to tweak it a little+😁

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Hi PsyberMind, as well as what has been mentioned above. editing a map is the best way to learn GE, but nothing is more satisfying as starting from scratch.

However if you wish I give you permission to edit the crap (as Darin suggests) out of my Blickling map found here:

 All the best

Mick (OldBor)

Edited by OldBor
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