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Banco Island

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Banco Island

Welcome to Banco Island (Bank Island in English) located just a few miles south of Ponta Delgada, of the island Sao Miguel in the Azores...

An entrepreneurish billionaire, on a whim, has recently transformed one of the rocky "islands" south of Sao Miguel into, of all things, a farm... what was a passing fancy for him is now yours...
Are you up to the challenge?


This map is based on the general concept and basic dem of the old FS 2011 map, Beaver Island V1 by JD6820Driver, but totally re-imagined and redesigned for FS 2017.  It is designed to be different from the typical FS style map...


As in the Azores, sheep are very popular, they are present on this island as well... there is no grass trough to feed them with, the grazing mod handles this for you.  Also, there is no water trough to fill, as the pasture is on a 45 degree slope... so the water trough mod handles the watering for you as well... if/when the grass dies down, or if/when your sheep population outgrows the capacity of the pasture, you can supplement their grass diet with hay bales.  The bale shredder feeder is located at the top of the hill right next to the large windmill, which powers your farm and facilities...


There is no area to mow for making hay, the slopes would be too steep for that anyways, so you must have your bales shipped in on the daily ferry... via the buy bales mod.  You have 8 hay bales in the shed now, to start you off.


There are chickens on the island as well... roaming around the lower areas around your farm house... they are good though, and lay all their eggs inside the coop, to keep them away from roving seabirds...


You can grow anything here except for sugarcane, however, in keeping with the realistic economy and market of the nearby islands, the only crop they care about is silage... so, you have been left a nice new forage harvester to make chaff out of the corn... the mower header will also chaff up the grain crops you may want to plant...


There is a fermenting facility buried in the side of the steep hill, next to your storage area... it is totally automatic, dump your chaff in, get silage out... it will hold up to 400000 L of silage, so can also act as temporary storage for you till a better price comes...


The supply ferry shows up each day (unless it is bad weather, then it is a no show) bringing whatever supplies you have ordered and accepting any silage you have ready to sell...


Any eggs you collect from the chickens can be sold down on the dock as well... the ferry commander will take them with him when he leaves each day...


Same with any wool pallets you have... they will spawn at the service door of the underground facility, you can carry them down to the warehouse on the dock to sell...


There is a fuel sell on the dock... not cheap, but they keep it full for you to purchase as needed...


Additionally, there is a small, simple BGA facility under the hill behind the fermenting facility... this supplies electricity to the nearby relay station, which has only a single solar panel for it's power... your BGA will accept some of your available silage, also any rootcrops you decide to raise, and will provide you with digestate that you can use to fertilize your fields with for free... (highly recommend the BGA extension mod, as this will override the game limitations which prevent other crops from being placed in the BGA and will make the BGA a much more realistic and profitable endeavor)

You start off with most of the equipment you need to work this challenging island... the tractors, though only 2, are powerful, as needed for the steep slopes here...

Also, a small bit of seed and liquid fertilizer is provided to get you going, more can be purchased (as pallets) at the dock... same as any additional equipment you may want/need...

This map is fully Seasons ready, a few of the bushes and 1 tree will actually change color with the seasons... but, the weather is warm here year round, so no snow... but, there is a long growing season...


Disclaimer: to avoid unforeseen issues and conflicts, please have ONLY this map in the mod folder as having multiple maps in the folder will cause issues as the game loads all the scripts from all the maps, including the active one...

This will be the only version of the map, unless someone finds a game breaking bug, shouldn't since it's been fully tested. However, any things you don't like or would like to be improved will have to be for your own private editions.

Happy farming!

Notice: Since this map will end up being uploaded everywhere, no matter my wishes, please at least include the ENTIRE description and CREDITS when you do... by doing this, you show respect for all the hard work of the great many modders whose work goes into maps such as this one...

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    JD6820Driver (original concept & dem ideas)

    Map Objects:
    Frontier Designs

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  • Features

    grazing mod

    water trough mod


    multi terrain angle

    Seasons ready

    custom GEO

  • PC-SG Tested?


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If you think you are good at FS play this on hard with seasons and don't look for the nuggets😉

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I have a challenge too. Use the beet harvester that is part of starting equipment on field one,(default crop with out seasons). Then find out the only root crops the BGA takes is potato. Or, pull the Krone XDisc 620 out of the lower storage area to chop the wheat on field two and find it doesn't fit between the fence and silage wall. 

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Yeah... as recommended in the description and the preview videos done on the map, you should use the BGA extension mod, as this overrides the game's determination not to allow beets in the hopper... lol  Also, purchasing the little trailer for the header makes it a snap to get up the hill to the field... I did not want to make things TOO easy on the map... :)

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